2019 Programs, Itineraries & Locations

3D Archery4,7-9,11,17-20,26,30Apache Springs
Archaeology12-13,21,23-24,28-29,35Indian Writings
Assaying3,12-13,16,25,28-29,31,34-35Baldy Town
Astronomy22,29,33-35Ring Place
atlatl3,12-13,16,21,24,28-29,35Indian Writings
ATV Rider Course1Zastrow
Blacksmithing1-3,5-8,10-14,16-17,21-25,27,29-35Baldy Town, French Henry, Cyphers Mine, Black Mountain
Burro Packing3,21,23,25Miranda, Ponil
Cabin Tour1,5-6,8,14-15,17,21,26,28Crooked Creek, Abreu, Rich Cabins
Cantina1-3,8,11-12,14,16-17,19,24,26-28,30Ponil, Abreu
Challenge Events1-3,6,10,12-13,15-16,21-25,28-30,32-35Dan Beard, Head of Dean, Ponil, Urraca
Chuck Wagon Dinner2-7,9-10,12,14,19-21,23-25,27,30Ponil, Clarks Fork, Beaubien
Climb Shaefer's Peak5-7,9,14-15,19-20,26-27,30Clarks Fork, Camping Headquarters HB, Shaefers Pass, Tooth Ridge, Urraca
Climbing Gym6Cimarroncito
Company Meeting12Pueblano
Continental Tie & Lumber2-4,6-7,9-16,20-21,23-33,35Pueblano, Crater Lake, Rich Cabins
Cowboy Action Shooting2-3,12-13,23,25Ponil
Dutch Oven Dessert1,27Zastrow
Ernest T Seton History11,18
Evening Campfire1-7,9-16,18-21,25-33,35Ponil, Pueblano, Clarks Fork, Cyphers Mine, Beaubien, Crater Lake, Urraca, Zastrow, Rich Cabins
Fishing Lodge Tour1,4,6-9,15,17-20,26-27Fish Camp
Fishing Opportunities1,4,6-9,15,17-20,26-27Hunting Lodge, Fish Camp
Fly Tying1,4,6-9,14-15,17-20,27Hunting Lodge, Fish Camp
Folk Weather Forecasting22-25,28-29,31-35Ring Place
Geocaching1,19,27Rimrock Park, Zastrow
Gold Mining & Panning1-3,5-8,10,12-14,16,18,20-21,23,26-27,29-35French Henry, Cyphers Mine
Hike in via Tooth Ridge Trail5-10,14,18-20,26,30Camping Headquarters HB, Shaefers Pass
Hike over Big Red11,15,17,19Clear Creek, Comanche Peak, Red Hills, Beaubien
Hike Over Bonito Peak15Beaubien
Hike over Comanche Peak1,5-6,8,10-11,14-15,20,26-27Clear Creek, Comanche Peak, Cyphers Mine, Lamberts Mine, Mt Phillips, Thunder Ridge, Crooked Creek
Hike over Fowler Mesa6Fish Camp
Hike over Hart Peak12-13,16,21,28,35Indian Writings, Ponil, Dean Cutoff
Hike over Lookout Peak9Lookout Meadow
Hike over Mount Phillips1,4-8,10-11,14-15,17,19,26-27,30Clear Creek, Comanche Peak, Cyphers Mine, Mt Phillips, Red Hills, Thunder Ridge, Black Mountain, Crooked Creek, Porcupine
Hike over Trail Peak4,14,19Beaubien, Crater Lake, Miner's Park
Hike over Wilson Mesa21,24,32Pueblano, Rich Cabins
Homesteading1,5-6,8,10-11,14-15,17,19,21,24,26-28,30Crooked Creek, Rich Cabins
Horse Rides2-6,9-10,12,14,19Ponil, Clarks Fork, Beaubien
Jicarilla Apache Life4,7-9,11,17-20,26-27,30Apache Springs
Land Navigation / GPS Technology1,9,11Zastrow
Low Impact Camping21-24,29,31,33-35Greenwood Canyon, Iris Park, McCrystal Creek, Rich Cabins, Beatty Lakes, Upper Greenwood
Mexican Dinner6,8,30Abreu
Mine Tour1-3,5-8,10,12-14,16,18,22-23,26-27,29-32,34-35Baldy Town, French Henry, Cyphers Mine
Mining History3,12-13,16,22-23,25,28-29,31,34Baldy Town
Mountain Biking23-25,28,32Whiteman Vega
Mountain Man Rendezvous2-3,12-13,16,21-23,25,28,32-33Miranda
Muzzle Loading Rifles1-4,11,15,17,22-23,25,28,30,33Miranda, Clear Creek, Black Mountain
Post Civil War Settlers5,11,17,30Black Mountain
Ranger Training1-35Anasazi, Bent, Dean Skyline, Indian Writings, Maxwell, Ponil, Sioux, Ponderosa Park, Upper Bench, Lover's Leap, Old Abreu, Olympia, Rayado, Rayado River, Rimrock Park, Toothache Springs, Urraca, Abreu, Dean Cutoff, House Canyon
Rededication to Scouting1Zastrow
Rock Climbing & Rappelling4-5,7-11,13,15-20,22,26-27,30,32-33,35Cimarroncito, Miner's Park
Rocky Mountain Fur Company1,4,6-11,15,18-20,26-27,30Clear Creek
Search & Rescue / Wilderness Medicine4,8-9,17-19,23-26,29,31-33,35Camping Headquarters HB, Ring Place, Seally Canyon, Carson Meadows
Shooting/Reloading - .30-065,18,26Sawmill
Shotgun shooting/reloading - 12 Gauge2-3,12-13,16,29,33-34Santa Claus
Side Hike Baldy Mountain2-3,12-13,16,21-23,25,28-29,31-35Baldy Town, Black Horse, Copper Park, Ewells Park, French Henry, Miranda, Ute Meadows, Ute Gulch Commissary, Greenwood Canyon
Side Hike Little Costilla and/or Ash Mountain24,31,34-35
spar pole climbing2-3,6,9-15,20-21,23,27,30-33,35Pueblano, Camping Headquarters HB, Crater Lake
Sporting Arrows8,11Apache Springs
Stomp20Cyphers Mine
Sunrise at Inspiration Point10,15Urraca
Sweat Lodge11,18Apache Springs, Abreu
Tomahawks1-3,6-13,15-16,18-22,25-28,30,32Miranda, Clear Creek
Tooth of Time4-10,14-15,17-20,26-27,30Clarks Fork, Camping Headquarters HB, Shaefers Pass, Tooth Ridge
Tour Historic Chase Ranch13,16,21,28,32-33,35Camping Headquarters HB
Tour Hunting Lodge1,5-8,10,14,18,20,27,30Hunting Lodge
Tour Kit Carson Home11,17,19,27Rayado
Tour Petroglyphs2-3,12-13,16,21,23-24,28-29,31,35Indian Writings
Tyrannosaurus Rex Track2,16,22-23,29,31Anasazi, Camping Headquarters HB, House Canyon
Visit Demonstration Forest1,5,7,10,14,18,20Clarks Fork
Western Lore / Branding1-10,12-16,18-21,23-24,26,28,30,32Ponil, Clarks Fork, Camping Headquarters HB, Beaubien
Wildlife Conservation4,7,9,11,17-18,20