Trek Editor

The Trek Editor is a work in progress, your input is welcome, desired and in fact essential for the Trek editor to become a useful tool. While originally concieved to construct Autumn Adventure itineraries it also can be used to construct fantasy treks ... enjoy.

Saved Custom Treks

Sample - Click Me10/2/2007This trek illustrates how the PhilSearch Itinerary builder is intended to work.

When you first create a trek, you supply a start date, length, name and description like this.

The Campsite field indicates where you intend to sleep at the end of that day.
The activity and activity location fields indicate which activities you have planned. While structured programs are not offered during Autumn Adventures (AA), they are included for fantasy trek construction. The comment field is used to hold whatever comments you would like for that trek step.

When PhilSearch constructs the trek summary it will search for photos. Enjoy!
1978 19 A&B7/1/20226/30/2022 6:45:00 AM1978 12 day Trek 19. Created to demonstrate comparison of arbitrary or historical treks with actual treks

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