2023 Resources & Facilities

S - Staffed CampAbreuSouth(P) Program; (SH) Showers;  
T - Trail CampAgua FriaSouth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)AguilaSouth 
T - Trail CampAmerican CreekSouth 
T - Trail CampAnasaziNorth 
S - Staffed CampApache SpringsSouth(COM) Commissary;  
T - Trail CampArrowheadSouth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)AsuriteNorth 
T - Trail CampBackache SpringsSouth 
T - Trail CampBaldy SkylineNorth 
S - Staffed CampBaldy TownNorth(COM) Commissary; (TP) Trading Post;  
T - Trail CampBear CanyonSouth 
T - Trail CampBear CavesSouth 
T - Trail CampBear CreekSouth 
T - Trail CampBeatty LakesValle Vidal 
S - Staffed CampBeaubienSouth(P) Program;  
T - Trail CampBentNorth 
T - Trail CampBlack HorseNorth 
T - Trail CampBlack Horse Creek 
D - Trail Camp (Always dry)Black Horse MineNorth 
S - Staffed CampBlack MountainSouth 
D - Trail Camp (Always dry)Bluestem 
T - Trail CampBonita Cow CampSouth 
T - Trail CampBuck CreekSouth 
S - Staffed CampCarson MeadowsSouth(P) Program;  
LNT - Leave No Trace CampChase CanyonNorth 
S - Staffed CampChase CowNorth 
SX - Staffed Camp (Program only)Chase RanchNorth 
TO - TurnaroundChase TrailheadNorth 
S - Staffed CampCHQ Homebound(COM) Commissary; (SH) Showers;  
S - Staffed CampCHQ Trailbound(COM) Commissary; (SH) Showers;  
T - Trail CampCimarron RiverCentral 
S - Staffed CampCimarroncitaNorth 
S - Staffed CampCimarroncitoSouth(P) Program;  
S - Staffed CampClarks ForkSouth(P) Program; (SH) Showers;  
S - Staffed CampClear CreekSouth 
T - Trail CampComanche CreekSouth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Comanche PeakSouth 
T - Trail CampCook CanyonNorth 
T - Trail CampCopper ParkNorth 
T - Trail CampCottonwoodNorth 
T - Trail CampCoyote Howl 
T - Trail CampCragsSouth 
S - Staffed CampCrater LakeSouth(P) Program;  
S - Staffed CampCrooked CreekSouth 
S - Staffed CampCyphers MineSouth(P) Program;  
S - Staffed CampDan BeardNorth(P) Program;  
T - Trail CampDave's Lake 
T - Trail CampDean CutoffNorth 
T - Trail CampDean SkylineNorth 
SX - Staffed Camp (Program only)Demonstration ForestSouth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Divide 
T - Trail CampElkhornNorth 
T - Trail CampEwells ParkNorth 
TA - Unused Trail Head (can be used for AA treks)Express Trailhead 
S - Staffed CampFish CampSouth 
T - Trail CampFlume CanyonNorth 
S - Staffed CampFrench HenryNorth 
S - Staffed CampGarcia Cow 
T - Trail CampGreenwood CanyonValle Vidal 
S - Staffed CampHead of DeanNorth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Heck Meadow 
T - Trail CampHells fire CanyonNorth 
T - Trail CampHerradura 
T - Trail CampHorse CanyonNorth 
T - Trail CampHouse CanyonNorth 
S - Staffed CampHunting LodgeSouth 
S - Staffed CampIndian WritingsNorth(P) Program; (SH) Showers;  
T - Trail CampIris ParkValle Vidal 
T - Trail CampLamberts MineSouth 
T - Trail CampLine CampSouth 
LNT - Leave No Trace CampLittle CostillaNorth 
D - Trail Camp (Always dry)Little Twin 
T - Trail CampLookout MeadowSouth 
T - Trail CampLost CabinSouth 
T - Trail CampLover's LeapSouth 
TO - TurnaroundLovers Leap TrailheadNorth 
T - Trail CampLower BonitoSouth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Magpie 
TO - TurnaroundMaxwell TrailheadNorth 
T - Trail CampMcBride CanyonNorth 
T - Trail CampMcCrystal CreekValle Vidal 
S - Staffed CampMetcalf StationNorth 
LNT - Leave No Trace CampMiddle PonilNorth 
W - Water SourceMiddle Ponil CreekSouth 
S - Staffed CampMiner's ParkSouth(P) Program; (SH) Showers;  
S - Staffed CampMirandaNorth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Mistletoe 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Mt PhillipsSouth 
T - Trail CampNew DeanNorth 
TO - TurnaroundNine Mile Gate TrailheadNorth 
T - Trail CampNorth Fork UrracaSouth 
T - Trail CampNorth Ponil 
T - Trail CampOld AbreuSouth 
T - Trail CampOlympiaSouth 
S - Staffed CampPhillips JunctionSouth(COM) Commissary; (TP) Trading Post;  
T - Trail CampPinyon FlatsSouth 
T - Trail CampPlacerNorth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Ponderosa ParkSouth 
S - Staffed CampPonilNorth(P) Program; (COM) Commissary; (TP) Trading Post; (SH) Showers;  
TO - TurnaroundPonil TrailheadNorth 
T - Trail CampPorcupineSouth 
S - Staffed CampPueblanoNorth(P) Program;  
T - Trail CampPueblano RuinsNorth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Rabbit Ear 
SX - Staffed Camp (Program only)RayadoSouth 
W - Water SourceRayado CreekNorth 
TO - TurnaroundRayado TrailheadSouth 
T - Trail CampRed HillsSouth 
S - Staffed CampRich CabinsValle Vidal(COM) Commissary; (P) Program;  
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Rimrock ParkSouth 
S - Staffed CampRing PlaceValle Vidal(COM) Commissary; (P) Program;  
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Ringtail 
SX - Staffed Camp (Program only)Rocky Mountain Scout CampSouth 
T - Trail CampSaladon 
S - Staffed CampSanta ClausNorth 
S - Staffed CampSawmillCentral(P) Program;  
S - Staffed CampSeally CanyonValle Vidal(P) Program;  
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Shaefers PassSouth 
T - Trail CampSiouxNorth 
TO - TurnaroundSix Mile GateNorth 
W - Water SourceSouth Ponil Creek 
W - Water SourceStockadeSouth 
T - Trail CampStockade RidgeSouth 
D - Trail Camp (Always dry)Thunder RidgeSouth 
T - Trail CampTolby HeadwatersSouth 
TO - TurnaroundTolby TrailheadSouth 
D - Trail Camp (Always dry)Tooth RidgeSouth 
T - Trail CampToothache SpringsSouth 
T - Trail CampTouch-Me-Not Creek 
T - Trail CampTrail CanyonNorth 
TA - Unused Trail Head (can be used for AA treks)Trail Canyon TrailheadNorth 
TA - Unused Trail Head (can be used for AA treks)Trail Creek TrailheadNorth 
TA - Unused Trail Head (can be used for AA treks)Turkey Creek TrailheadNorth 
DT - Trail Camp (Usually dry)Upper Clarks ForkSouth 
T - Trail CampUpper Dean CowNorth 
T - Trail CampUpper GreenwoodValle Vidal 
T - Trail CampUpper Webster ParkSouth 
S - Staffed CampUrracaSouth 
T - Trail CampUte MeadowsNorth 
TO - TurnaroundUte Park TrailheadNorth 
TA - Unused Trail Head (can be used for AA treks)Webster Lake TrailheadNorth 
CS - Conservation SiteWebster ParksSouth 
TO - TurnaroundWebster TrailheadSouth 
T - Trail CampWhistle PunkSouth 
S - Staffed CampWhiteman VegaValle Vidal(P) Program;  
T - Trail CampWild HorseSouth 
T - Trail CampWild Horse ParkSouth 
TO - TurnaroundZastrow TrailheadSouth 

C Staff Camp, Commissary, No Camping  COMCommissary (Food Pickup)
D Dry Camp, No water near camp  E Ending point, bus pickup nearby
DTUsually Dry Camp, Water sometimes available  EH End trek by hiking into CHQ from this camp
S Staff Camp, Water nearby  P Program Camp
SXStaff Camp, No Camping  SH Showers available
T Trail Camp  SHWShowers available (Wood stoked)
TOTrailhead - Bus from CHQ drops/picks up here  ST Starting Camp - Trek starts here
X Closed, No Camping  TP Trading Post