Staffed Camp;
Water: well purified;
Facilities: Showers;
Programs: Tour Abreu Homestead Cabin Tour Cantina Homesteading New Mexican Homestead Mexican Dinner
Treks Camping at Abreu: 12-10 12-11 12-31 7-2
Treks taking program at Abreu: 12-1 12-10 12-11 12-12 12-16 12-18 12-19 12-25 12-26 12-28 12-31 7-2 7-3 7-5 7-8 7-10 7-13
Located at 7217; Latitude 36.37847 x Longitude -105.01618; Google Map
Relaxing at the Abreu Cantina The Cantina Adobe at Abreu Inside the Cantina at Abreu
New Mexican Homestead
The meadow at Abreu Goat Milking at Abreu Goats wandering at Abreu Adobe brick making at Abreu The Corral at Abreu
Mexican Dinner
Mexican Dinner at Abreu
Tour Abreu Homestead
Outside the Cabin at Abreu Inside the cabin at Abreu
Staff Cabin
Staff Cabin at Abreu - Note adobe under construction in 2002 The Staff Cabin at Abreu
Crew Campsite
Campsite at Abreu
Cabin Tour
Inside the cabin at Abreu