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    144 Locations: 41 Staffed Camps; 84 Trail Camps; 2 Other; 11 Trailheads.
    96 Programs and Activities.
    2 Trek themes: Climbing Trek 12-18 Ute Park Pass 12-17 12-30 9-12 9-13.
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2022 Itinerary Selection

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2022 Trek Planning ToolsSid Covington has updated his trek selection tools for 2022, you can get them here. Two documents are available to assist you in the itinerary selection process. There are 7-Day, 9-Day, and 12-Day versions of each. The first document is a Program Interest survey form. Copies of this should be printed for each crew member (usually including the adults) and they should rank the programs they are interested in. The second document is an Excel spreadsheet. The results of the survey's are entered into it to help select your itinerary. The spreadsheet uses some preference information about what your crew's capability and overall interests and the results of the program surveys. It creates several outputs including: a chart (and list) showing the programs that your crew prefers a list of the itineraries that most closely match these programs and the crew preferences a chart (and list) showing the calculated values for each itinerary based on crew preferences and crew member scores entered summary descriptions of itineraries including a campsite elevation graph. NOTE: These documents work with Microsoft Office (Word & Excel). They may not work with the "online" versions of Office 365. Download the documents to your computer and use the desktop versions of Office 365.
2022 Treks2022 treks are loaded. Thankfully there are comparitively few changes with the number of treks unchanged and no replacements. Some treks have significant changes, consult the compare reports for details …. Is anyone not ready?
Beta Intinerary SearchOK, I admit it, I've wanted to find a simpler,cleaner interface for the Intinerary search for about a decade now. It's clutterd and hard to operate from some devices. Over the years various attempts have been attempted but have gone no-where. I think I have a pretty decent solution for now. I've made it available as a menu choice, but it is unproven and unfinished but it is fully functional with the exception of the Revise / Save, As always feedback is desired at eother Facebook or to
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