2023 Locations

Locations explicitly mentioned in the 2023 Guidebook to Intineraries.

40 Staffed Camps88 Trail Camps5 Other11 Trailheads
AbreuAgua FriaMiddle Ponil Creek (w)Chase Trailhead
Apache SpringsAguila (dt)Rayado Creek (w)Lovers Leap Trailhead
Baldy TownAmerican CreekSouth Ponil Creek (w)Maxwell Trailhead
BeaubienAnasaziStockade (w)Nine Mile Gate Trailhead
Black MountainArrowheadWebster Parks (cs)Ponil Trailhead
Carson MeadowsAsurite (dt)Rayado Trailhead
Chase CowBackache Springscs = Conservations SiteSix Mile Gate
Chase Ranch (sx)Baldy Skylinew = Water SourceTolby Trailhead
CHQ HomeboundBear CanyonUte Park Trailhead
CHQ TrailboundBear CavesWebster Trailhead
CimarroncitaBear CreekZastrow Trailhead
CimarroncitoBeatty Lakes
Clarks ForkBent
Clear CreekBlack Horse
Crater LakeBlack Horse Creek
Crooked CreekBlack Horse Mine (d)
Cyphers MineBluestem (d)
Dan BeardBonita Cow Camp
Demonstration Forest (sx)Buck Creek
Fish CampChase Canyon (lnt)
French HenryCimarron River
Garcia CowComanche Creek
Head of DeanComanche Peak (dt)
Hunting LodgeCook Canyon
Indian WritingsCopper Park
Metcalf StationCottonwood
Miner's ParkCoyote Howl
Phillips JunctionDave's Lake
PonilDean Cutoff
PueblanoDean Skyline
Rayado (sx)Divide (dt)
Rich CabinsElkhorn
Ring PlaceEwells Park
Rocky Mountain Scout Camp (sx)Flume Canyon
Santa ClausGreenwood Canyon
SawmillHeck Meadow (dt)
Seally CanyonHells fire Canyon
Whiteman VegaHorse Canyon
House Canyon
sx - Staffed for Program OnlyIris Park
Lamberts Mine
Line Camp
Little Costilla (lnt)
Little Twin (d)
Lookout Meadow
Lost Cabin
Lover's Leap
Lower Bonito
Magpie (dt)
McBride Canyon
McCrystal Creek
Middle Ponil (lnt)
Mistletoe (dt)
Mt Phillips (dt)
New Dean
North Fork Urraca
North Ponil
Old Abreu
Pinyon Flats
Ponderosa Park (dt)
Pueblano Ruins
Rabbit Ear (dt)
Red Hills
Rimrock Park (dt)
Ringtail (dt)
Shaefers Pass (dt)
Stockade Ridge
Thunder Ridge (d)
Tolby Headwaters
Tooth Ridge (d)
Toothache Springs
Touch-Me-Not Creek
Trail Canyon
Upper Clarks Fork (dt)
Upper Dean Cow
Upper Greenwood
Upper Webster Park
Ute Meadows
Whistle Punk
Wild Horse
Wild Horse Park
d = Dry Camp
dt = Dry usually
lnt = Low Impact Campsite