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Composite Features updated in Intinerary SearchShooting sports adds Cowboy Action Shooting; New feature 'Rocks' includes Rock Climbing, Bouldering, traverse walls and related activities.
2020 Data2020 trek data is loaded and first pass verification & correction has been completed. There is work to be done regarding trek tear over year mapping for both 7 and 12 day treks … help is welcome here. I trully appreciate another set of eyes or two on this data and welcome all comments regarding errors, and there are still some left I'm sure, to the PhilSearch Facebook page. Thanks for your patience as I pounded in more data than ever …
New in 2020: 9-Day TreksPhilmont Scout Ranch is excited to announce 9-day treks as an additional program option available to those who want to participate in a Philmont trek. 9-day treks are an excellent option for those who want to spend more than a week in Philmont’s backcountry, but may not be able to make it out for a full 12-day trek due to travel or other factors.
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