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The photo album currently contains 2031 unique photos. Page load times for the entire album (at 56kb) will be on the order of 460 minutes; at 768k DSL 33 minutes; and broadband on the order of 10 minutes. Photos can be viewed in context, and therefore more efficently, by way of the Camps, Activities and Treks functions on the menu bar or by way of one of the photo sets below. Click here if you wish to view the entire photo album.

PhilSearch's rich collection of photos is a testament to the generosity of the community. We are always looking for more photos as the goal is to get a photo or two for every camp, every major trail, every significant point of interest and every program feature so that you can see the trek you are planning on taking. Click here for a list of current needs; Contact me here if you are able to contribute.

Thanks!! - Jim

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