Program Features without Photos

Advanced Challenge Events
Advanced Rock Climbing Instruction
ATV Rider Course
Bouldering Wall
Climb Shaefer's Peak
Climbing Tower
Climbing Wall
Crew Based Challenge Initiatives
Cross Country Hike via
Ernest T Seton History
High Ropes
High Ropes Instruction & Advanced Challenge Scenarios
Hike Over Bonito Peak
Hike over Comanche Peak
Hike over Fowler Mesa
Hike over Lookout Peak
Hike the "High Line" over Mt Phillips, Comanche Peak, Big Red & Black Mountain
Hike via Grouse Canyon
Hike via Iris Park & Beatty Lakes
Hike via North Fork Urraca
Leave No Trace Training
Mining History
Morse Code
pickup crew based challenge events
Side Hike Ash Mountain
Side Hike Little Costilla and/or Ash Mountain
Side Hike to McCrystal Creek Ruins
Sporting Arrows
Sunrise East of Comanche Peak Camp
Sunrise from Lookout Meadow
Wildlife Conservation

Staff camps without Photos

Chase Cow
COPE Course
Garcia Cow

Staff camps without Staff Cabin Photos

Chase Cow
COPE Course
Garcia Cow
Seally Canyon
Treks 21, 30, 35,

Trail camps without Photos

9 mile gate
Agua Fria
American Creek
Bear Canyon
Bear Canyon Trailhead
Bear Creek Trailhead
COPE Trailhead
Dave's Lake
Dean Skyline
Express Trailhead
Heck Turnaround
Hells fire Canyon
Horse Canyon
House Canyon
Little Twin
Lower Bonito
McCrystal Creek
North Ponil
Rayado Trailhead
Stockade Ridge
Tolby Headwaters
Tolby Trailhead
Trail Canyon
Trail Canyon Trailhead
Trail Creek Trailhead
Ute Park Trailhead
Webster Lake Trailhead
Webster Trailhead
Whistle Punk
Wild Horse Park
Treks 6, 10, 15, 20, 35,

Inactive camps without Photos

Baldy Saddle
Bear/Black Saddle
Black Jacks catchment
Campos Heck
Comanche Pass
Dean Heck
Four Mile
Fowler Pass
Line Camp
Lost Gap
Martinez Springs
McBride Canyon
Metcalf Canyon
Midnight View
Minnette Meadows
Ponderosa (Brush Camp)
Slate Hill Heck
Spring Canyon
Stone Wall Pass
Upper Sawmill
Urraca Mesa
Ute Park Pass
Webster Lake
Webster Pass

Staffed or Trail Camps without Campsite Photos

Chase Cow
French Henry
Garcia Cow
Metcalf Station
Phillips Junction
Seally Canyon
Whiteman Vega
Treks 10, 15, 21, 22, 25, 30, 35,