Hike through 2018 Ute Park Fire Zone

For the second season since 2017, crews will have the opportunity to hike in the central country of Philmont Scout Ranch that was impacted by the 2018 Ute Park Fire. The Philmont Conservation Department and Ranch management teams have been carefully monitoring this area of the ranch and have worked with experts in the field to conduct studies and surveys, explore the acreage affected by the fire, and assess the recovery progress of the land since the fire. Using information from these assessments and consultation with engineers, a single route has been established through this section of the property that will allow for limited reconnection of the northern and southern halves of Philmont’s property. This is the ONLY approved route through the area impacted by the fire, and traffic will be extremely limited on this trail. This route is called the “Ute Park Pass” and has terminuses at Cimarroncita and Sawmill camps. There is a total of four itineraries that will have this option available, two 12 Day and two 9 Day itineraries. (This means a maximum of six crews per day could be on this trail on any given day.)
Campsites offering this program: Cimarroncita

Treks 9-11 9-12 take this program at Cimarroncita