This category illustrates the nuts an bolts of the ranch. Facilities such as shower and laundries, latrines, sumps & fire rings, bear cables.
Baldy Town
Shower House at Baldy Red Roof Inn @ Baldy Town
Black Horse
Map at Black Horse Camp
Old Camp
Well at Old Camp
Pueblano Ruins
Campsite sign at Pueblano Ruins
Santa Claus
Campsite sign at Santa Claus
Ranger training at Sioux Bear Bags at Sioux
Turkey Creek
Campsite sign at Turkey Creek The well near Turkey Creek Camp
Upper Dean Cow
Busy Bear Cable at Upper Dean Cow Bear Bags at Upper Dean Cow
Ute Meadows
Pumping at Ute Meadows
Aspen Springs
Campsite Map at Aspen Springs
Doing laundry at Cito Shower schedule at Cito
Clear Creek
Bear Bags at Clear Creek A Sump
Cyphers Mine
Bear Bags Cyphers Mine
Camping Headquarters HB
Tent Check-in Deer Attending Catholic Service Returning Philmont trail gear
Mt Phillips

Ponderosa Park
Campsite sign at Ponderosa Park
Red Hills
Red Hills
TABASCO water heater at Sawmill
Shaefers Pass
Welcome to Shaefer's Pass Camp
Tooth Ridge
Bear Bags at Tooth Ridge Camp Bear Bags at Tooth Ridge Camp
Camping Headquarters TB
Protestant Service at Basecamp The water kiosk near the Welcome Center Camping Services Basecamp dining hall Protestant Service at Basecamp Lockers at Basecamp Bell 'talk' at lunch Tent check-out at Camping Services Food pickup at base camp Tents in Camping Services Food pickup at base camp Equipment Checkout Base Camp Dining Hall Base Camp Dining Hall A Sump (prior to installation) Trail Chefs awaiting Crews Initial Food Pickup Equipment Checkout Food pickup at base camp
Ute Gulch Commissary
The commissary at Ute Gulch
Black Mountain
Water source at Black Mountain
Comanche Creek
Bear Rope stuck on the cable Bear Rope stuck on the cable Confusing Trail signs at Bear Rope stuck on the cable
Lover's Leap
Water at Lover's Leap Camp Water Buffalo at Lover's Leap
Miner's Park
A typical shower/wash house, this one at Miner's Park
Red Roof Inn
On the trail
Spring near Upper Bench One of the Water Filtration Plant … On tooth ridge above the opening campfire bowl Sign of the times on the trail to Black Horse