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Ranger Training

Your Ranger will accompany your crew into the back country. During your first day on the trail your Ranger will instruct your crew on Philmont's back country protocols including land navigation, emergency procedures and meal preparation and cleanup, campsite selection. Your Ranger will then accompany you on the trail to your second campsite, normally leaving you on the morning of your third day on the trail.
Campsites offering this program: Anasazi Bent Flume Canyon Indian Writings Sioux Cathedral Rock Ute Gulch Commissary Vaca Lover's Leap Miner's Park Old Abreu Olympia Rayado River Rimrock Park Toothache Springs Backache Springs Dean Cutoff House Canyon Campos Heck Dean Heck Hells fire Canyon Minnette Meadows and Trailbound Tent City
Ranger training at Anasazi
Old Camp
Ranger training at Old Camp Ranger training at Old Camp
Ranger training at Sioux
Trailbound Tent City
Shakedown Emergency Procedures Check In at the Welcome Center Shakedown in base camp shakedown at basecamp Shakedown Reviewing the route The Crew Photo Waiting for the medical re-check A Trek Planner reviews our intinerary with our crew leaders in Logisitics A little Ranger Training while we wait of our turn in Logistics The Ranger's Kevin Walker, Our Ranger for the next couple of days Waiting for the Ranger to appear Loading the bus food pickup at base camp Checkin at the reception center base camp rental equipment Medical Recheck at Base Camp Weighing packs at Welcome Center Ranger Training Map Review at Basecamp Map Review at Basecamp
Ranger Training at Vaca Ranger Training at Vaca Ranger Training at Vaca
Lover's Leap
Ranger Training:  Bear Bags & the Lark's Head Knot Ranger Training: Tying off the bear bags Ranger Training:  Dinner Prep Ranger Training: Dinner Prep Bear Bag Training at Lover's Leap Ranger Training: Cleanup at the sump (PVC by the rock) Ranger Training: Eating Dinner!
Rayado River
Learning to tie a larks head knot Sumping at Rayado River
Ranger Challenge at Uracca Ranger Challenge at Uracca
Rich Cabins
Ranger Training
Dean Cutoff
Ranger Training at Dean Cutoff
Zastrow Turnaround
Ranger Training at Zastrow Turnaround Ranger teaches lang navigation at the Zastrow Turnaround Ranger training at the Zastrow Turnaround
On the trail
Ranger Training at the turnaround: Map & Compass Ranger training on top of Urraca Mesa
Lovers Leap Turnaround
Gathering at the turnaround
Ponil Turnaround
Orienting a map at the Ponil Turnaround