Dean Cow

Impacted by Ute Park Fire

Unused or Inactive site; was Staffed Camp in 2018;
Water: purified;
Facilities: Showers;
Programs: Rock Climbing & Rappelling Visit Black Jack Ketchem's Hideout
Located at 7232; Latitude 36.56705 x Longitude -104.99961;

One of Philmonts three premier rock climbing venues up until 2018 when the camp infrastructure was destroyed in the Ute Park Fire. Chase Cow was created and activated in 2019 to create a third rock climbing and rapelling venue for subsequent seasons.

Departing Dean Cutoff
Chuck Wagon Dinner
Slim preparing the chuck wagon - Circa 1941<br>In the early years expeditions were followed by a chuck-wagon much like cowboys on the old west were where staffers prepared meals
Rock Climbing & Rappelling
Rock Climbing at Dean Cow Rappeling at Dean Cow
Staff Cabin
Dean Canyon Cabin - Circa 1941 Sunset over Dean Cow Lunch at Dean Cow
Crew Campsite
A campsite at Dean Cow
Staff Cabin after 2018 Ute Park Fire