Apache Springs

Staffed Camp;
Water: spigot purified;
Facilities: Commissary;
Programs: Tipi Tour Flintknapping Sweat Lodge Corn Grinding 3D Archery Jicarilla Apache Life Sporting Arrows
Treks Camping at Apache Springs: 12-7 12-9 12-10 12-12 12-20 12-21 12-25 12-28 9-7 9-10
Treks taking program at Apache Springs: 12-1 12-7 12-8 12-9 12-10 12-12 12-16 12-20 12-21 12-25 12-26 12-28 12-31 9-7 9-10
Located at 9409; Latitude 36.38751 x Longitude -105.14415;

Apache Springs was established as a layover staff camp in 1965 in response to the flood that damaged many of Fish Camp's buildings. Crews worked with conservation staff to restore and rebuild Fish Camp's buildings during their layovers. The camp's original program included survival skills, astronomy, and Fish Camp's displaced program of fly tying and fishing. Apache Springs has the backcountry's only archery course. The camp went through many different programs before coming into its current Jicarilla Apache ethnology program in 1972. In 2002, Apache became a small commissary and operated out of a connex box until 2021. A full commissary and trading post was built for the 2020 summer, after Apache became a busier commissary than Phillips Junction in 2019.

TeePees at Apache Springs
3D Archery
Archery at Apache Springs Archery at Apache Springs
Jicarilla Apache Life
Jicarilla Apache Life Jicarilla Apache Life Jicarilla Apache Life The meadow at Apache Springs
Sweat Lodge
Sweat Lodge at Apache Springs
Food Pickup
Apache Springs Commissary Apache Springs Commissary
Corn Grinding
Jicarilla Apache Life
Staff Cabin
Staff Cabin at Apache Springs - That is snow on the ground that slid off the roof.
Crew Campsite
Apache Springs Campsite