Fish Camp

Staffed Camp;
Water: well purified;
Programs: Rayado Lodge Tour Environmental Awareness Fishing Opportunities Fly Tying
Treks Camping at Fish Camp: 12-10 12-13 12-21 12-25 7-3 7-13 7-14 3A-S 3B-S 4A-S 4B-S 9-7
Treks taking program at Fish Camp: 12-7 12-8 12-9 12-10 12-12 12-13 12-21 12-25 12-26 12-28 7-3 7-9 7-13 7-14 7-16 3A-S 3B-S 4A-S 4B-S 5A-S 5B-S 9-7 9-10
Located at 8564; Latitude 36.38780 x Longitude -105.10270;

Wealthy oil magnate and wilderness enthusiast Waite Phillips amassed a large part of the old land grant in the 1920s, totaling over 300,000 acres (1,200 km2). Phillips built a large residence in the lowlands of Philmont. He turned the ranch into a private game reserve for himself and friends, and built a number of hunting lodges and day-use camps. He chose not to provide electricity at the remote camps. A few of these original camps, including Fish Camp and the Hunting Lodge, have been preserved, complete with wood-burning stoves, oil lamps, and unique design features indicative of Phillips's often eccentric taste.

Fishing Opportunities
Fly tying at Fish Camp Fly casting lessons at Fish Camp
Fly Tying
Fly Tying at Fish Camp Fly tying at Fish Camp
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Fly tying at Fish Camp Fishing Lodge at Fish Camp
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Fishing Lodge at Fish Camp
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Campsite at Fish Camp Campsite at Fish Camp