Horse Rides

Philmont owns and maintains a remuda of 250 western horses with strings located at Beaubien, Clark's Fork, and Ponil. All three camps offer exhilarating mountain horse rides at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Be prompt for your scheduled ride. Reservations are made at Logistics Services on a first-come, first-served basis upon arrival at Philmont.

Philmont wranglers are courteous but strict. They make certain everyone stays in line and maintains the pace to avoid endangering members of your crew. Even skilled riders cannot be permitted to ride at a different pace or away from the group. Please cooperate with the wranglers by following instructions for a safe and enjoyable ride. For your personal safety you will wear a helmet, which will be provided. Ponchos and maps should not be taken since they may frighten the horses. Wear long trousers on your horse ride to protect your legs. Persons weighing over 200 pounds will not be permitted to ride.
Campsites offering this program: Ponil Clarks Fork Camping Headquarters Beaubien

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Photos at Ponil

Trail Ride from Ponil

Photos at Clarks Fork

Horsemanshup briefing at Clarks Fork The corral at Clarks Fork Trail Ride at Clarks Fork Horse Rides at Clark's Fork Hail Storm at Clarks Fork Hail Storm at Clarks Fork Corral at Clark's Fork

Photos at Beaubien

Wrangler at Beaubien Trail ride at Beaubien The corral at Beaubien Horses at Beaubien The corral as viewed from the Main Cabin at Beaubien Feeding time at Beaubien Trail ride at Beaubien The crew returns from the Trail Ride 'Cuervo' meets James Horses at Beaubien