Hike over Mount Phillips

Climb Clear Creek Mountain. This 11,711' peak was renamed for Waite Phillips, the Benefactor who gave Philmont to the BSA. From the summit see great views including the nearby Angle Fire Ski resort, Baldy Mountain, Wheeler Peak the tallest in New Mexico as well as peaks in Colorado.
Campsites offering this program: Clear Creek Comanche Peak Cyphers Mine Mt Phillips Red Hills Thunder Ridge Black Mountain Crooked Creek Porcupine
Treks 6111530714 take this program at Clear Creek
Treks 15 take this program at Comanche Peak
Treks 14 take this program at Cyphers Mine
Treks 78 take this program at Mt Phillips
Treks 419 take this program at Red Hills
Treks 713 take this program at Thunder Ridge
Treks 17 take this program at Black Mountain
Treks 2627 take this program at Crooked Creek
Treks 10 take this program at Porcupine
Photos at Clear Creek
Climbing Mt Phillips Nearing the summit of Mount Phillips
Photos at Comanche Peak
Heading twords Comanche Peak Camp from the summit of Mt Phillips
Photos at Mt Phillips
Rainfall as viewed from Mt Phillips Sunset on Mount Phillips Playing cards at sunset on Mount Phillips Rock Chairs on Mount Phillips The view from Mount Phillips Rock Chairs at Mt Phillips
Photos at On the trail
Angel Fire as seen from Mount Phillips The summit of Phillips Baldy from Phillips Baldy from Mt Phillips Baldy from Mt Phillips View from Mt Phillips Mount Phillips At the top of Phillips in the clouds In the clouds climbing Mt Phillips Mount Phillips