Enjoy an evening campfire put on by Philmont's staff with stories, songs and skits.
Campsites offering this program: Ponil Pueblano Clarks Fork Cyphers Mine Beaubien Crater Lake Urraca Rich Cabins Metcalf Station
Treks 12-212-1512-2212-329-49-69-89-11 take this program at Ponil
Treks 12-212-312-612-1412-1512-1712-2412-2912-3312-357-17-79-29-69-8 take this program at Pueblano
Treks 12-812-1312-1612-2512-2812-3012-317-27-47-139-39-79-13 take this program at Clarks Fork
Treks 12-512-812-1012-2612-2812-3012-317-119-7 take this program at Cyphers Mine
Treks 12-412-512-712-912-1612-1912-207-37-57-87-107-129-59-99-10 take this program at Beaubien
Treks 12-412-1112-1312-1612-1812-287-37-57-129-9 take this program at Crater Lake
Treks 12-112-412-2012-317-49-10 take this program at Urraca
Treks 12-2112-2212-2912-347-77-169-11 take this program at Rich Cabins
Treks 12-212-312-612-227-159-29-49-6 take this program at Metcalf Station
Photos at Pueblano
Campfire at Pueblano
Photos at Clarks Fork
Evening Campfire at Clarks Fork Campfire at Clarks Fork
Photos at Cyphers Mine
'He Man' contest at Cypher's Mine
Photos at Beaubien
Campfire at Beaubien
Photos at Crater Lake
Campfire at Crater Lake Campfire at Crater Lake
Photos at Urraca
Campfire at Urraca Evening Campfire at Urraca Campfire at Urraca Campfire at Urraca Talent Contest at Urraca
Photos at Rich Cabins
Evening entertainment at Rich Cabins
Photos at Whiteman Vega