Gold Mining & Panning

Gold is still found in almost all streams on Philmont, which was once the scene of lucrative gold-mining operations. Mine shafts, sluice boxes, and placer mines dot the mountainsides and valleys. If your itinerary takes you to Cypher's Mine or French Henry you will tour a real gold mine. Not working now, the mine is carefully shored so you can tour the mine tunnel. Bring your jacket and flashlight for the tour. Learn about adventures that were experienced during the fascinating and colorful past as determined miners sought their fortunes in these historic mountains. When you find some "color," ask one of the staff miners for some cellophane tape so you can take your discovery home to show others your success. Gold pans are available for you to use at Cypher's Mine, Baldy Camp, and French Henry.
Campsites offering this program: French Henry Cyphers Mine
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Photos at French Henry
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