Pick Up Burros

No animal is more closely associated with the colorful history of the Southwest than the burro. Burro packing methods are explained and demonstrated. Your tents and food may be packed on burros using a diamond hitch. Burros are available for use on the trail in the northern portion of the ranch, starting or ending at Ponil and Miranda. Burro traps (holding pens for overnight stops) are located at Ponil, Pueblano, and Miranda. Hay for feeding is provided at these camps. If your itinerary provides for packing burros, take advantage of this unique opportunity to pack them just as the miners once did.
Campsites offering this program: Miranda Ponil
Treks 12-612-24 take this program at Miranda
Treks 12-212-14 take this program at Ponil
Photos at Flume Canyon
Burro pen at Flume Canyon
Photos at Head of Dean
Burro pen at Head of Dean
Photos at Miranda
Packing the Burro at Miranda Burro Return at Miranda Burro selection at Miranda
Photos at Ponil
Heading out With the Burro from Ponil A friendly Burro at Ponil Getting the burro ready Returing burros at Ponil Burro Instruction at Ponil Burro Packing Class at Ponil Burro Instruction at Ponil
Photos at Pueblano
Burros Packed at Pueblano 2005.jpg
Photos at On the trail
Burro Packing Leading a burro from Pueblano to Ponil Burro Packing