Climb Trail Peak

Trail Peak, at over 10000 feet is one of the highest peaks on the ranch. It is also the last resting place of Liberator 41-1133, a B24 which crashed in 1941. Several plaques serves as memorials and some of the wreckage, including a large piece of the left wing remain. Please treat this place with respect by not playing on the wreck or taking souvenirs.
Campsites offering this program: Bear Canyon Beaubien Crater Lake Lookout Meadow Miner's Park Phillips Junction Porcupine Lower Bonito

Treks 7-3
take this program at Bear Canyon

Treks 12-16
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9-1 9-9
take this program at Beaubien

Treks 12-7
7-9 take this program at Crater Lake

Treks 7-16
take this program at Lookout Meadow

Treks 12-10
take this program at Miner's Park

Treks 12-28 take this program at Phillips Junction

Treks 12-18
take this program at Porcupine

Treks 7-13 take this program at Lower Bonito

Photos at Beaubien

Wreckage at the main crash site Wreckage between the main crash site and Beaubien

Photos at Crooked Creek

A view of Trail Peak from the meadow at Crooked Creek (You can just make out the cabin under the trees)

Photos at On the trail

Climbing Trail Peak from Fowler Pass Climbing Trail peak from Fowler Pass Memorial to Liberator 41-1133 The wing of Liberator 41-1133 The wing of Liberator 41-1133 Looking twords Beaubien from Trail Peak The Mic-O-Cay plaque The Mic-O-Say memorial at the wreck Climbing Trail Peak from the Fowler Pass Side