Low Impact Camping

Wild land ethic depends upon attitude and awareness rather than on rules and regulations. While at Dan Beard you will have the opportunity to learn how to enjoy wild land with respect; to hike, camp, eat meals, and dispose of trash without leaving a scar or trace.
Campsites offering this program: Greenwood Canyon Iris Park Rich Cabins Beatty Lakes Upper Greenwood

Treks 12-33 12-34 take this program at Greenwood Canyon

Treks 12-23 12-24 12-27 12-33 12-34 take this program at Iris Park

Treks 12-27 take this program at Rich Cabins

Treks 12-23 take this program at Beatty Lakes

Treks 12-22 take this program at Upper Greenwood

Photos at Iris Park

LNT at Iris Park

Photos at Upper Greenwood