Climb Baldy Mountain

Mount Baldy at 12,441 feet is the highest peak on the ranch and is a challenging side hike with views of multiple states as well as Eagles Nest Lake.
Campsites offering this program: Baldy Town Black Horse Copper Park Ewells Park French Henry Miranda Ute Meadows Greenwood Canyon Touch-Me-Not Creek
Treks 12-3 12-15 12-17 9-8 9-11 take this program at Baldy Town
Treks 12-6 take this program at Black Horse
Treks 12-21 12-24 12-33 9-13 take this program at Copper Park
Treks 12-27 12-30 12-34 7-9 take this program at Ewells Park
Treks 12-32 7-6 take this program at French Henry
Treks 12-29 7-17 9-2 take this program at Miranda
Treks 12-2 12-14 9-6 take this program at Ute Meadows
Treks 12-35 take this program at Greenwood Canyon
Treks 9-12 take this program at Touch-Me-Not Creek

Photos at Baldy Town

Mount Baldy from Baldy Town Baldy Town from the top of Baldy - Check your Topo maps …

Photos at Copper Park

Climbing Baldy from Copper Park

Photos at Ewells Park

Baldy from Ewells Park Baldy Mountain from Ewells Park

Photos at Head of Dean

View of Baldy from Head of Dean

Photos at Miranda

Miranda Meadow/Baldy in the Background View of Miranda Camp & Baldy

Photos at Visto Grande

Baldy from Visto Grande

Photos at On the trail

The final push to the top Looking down the south side of Baldy Nearing the summit Snow in July on Baldy Abandoned Mine near Baldy Summit Crew photo on top of Baldy Heading down the north side of Baldy Baldy Summit View of Eagles Nest Lake from Baldy Snow pack on Baldy Heading up Baldy Old Baldy On Baldy Baldy from near Dan Beard Decending twords Baldy Saddle God's Country On the trail View from the Trail up Baldy.JPG View from the Trail going up Baldy View from Somewhere on Trek 30 Climbing Baldy with Eagles Nest, NM  in the distance On top of Baldy trail down from baldy Baldy as seen from the Tooth of Time View of Baldy Summit Old North Trail Caterpillaring up Baldy Mulie on Baldy View of the 4wd road and meadow beyond it  that is part of the new 'North Baldy Ridge Decent from Baldy using the old copper park route Decent from Baldy using the old copper park route Descent down the NW corner of Baldy New North Trail Baldy from ridgeline trail from copper park showing old copper park trail Baldy Panorama South Trail Ute Park Panorama Baldy from Thunder Ridge Camp Panorama from Mt Baldy Baldy Saddle & Touch Me Not from Baldy Summit New North Trail View from the ridgeline to the north northeast (towards Little Castilla and the Sangre de Cristo range in Colorado); forest below is the Kit Carson National Forest. Mine/Cabin on the NW shoulder of Baldy GPS at thr top of ? Mineshaft View of Cabin Walking north, looking for Julie Andrews, on the Alpine Meadow approaching Baldy View of the north side of Baldy from the ridgeline trail Western Grouse on Baldy Heading east along the ridgeline to the first trees Snowballs on the ridge approaching Baldy Continuing east and descending down to the (actual) treeline.  The trail doesn't start until you're in the trees Looking southwest towards Baldy - this was from within the treeline, getting close to the Greenwood Canyon/Copper Park Trail intersection Long-range view of the old cabin on the east side of Baldy (above Copper Park) - taken from about 1/3rd the way down the Copper Park trail. Snowballs on the ridge approaching Baldy View of Baldy from the Meadow above copper park. Trail up Baldy View from the ridgeline to the East Southeast (Copper Park (green meadow) is in the middle of the frame, Wilson Mesa (double lakes) is in the upper right)