Hike in via Tooth Ridge Trail

The "Summit of Scouting". This icon represents Philmont and for many the last challenge and high spot of their adventure at the ranch. At just over 9000 feet, the tooth offers great views of base camp, Urraca mesa and much of the back country. A great last look.
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We all made it! From Tooth Ridge Trail

Photos at On the trail

Tooth Ridge Trail The trail between Shaeffer's Pass and Tooth Ridge Camp tooth ridge trail View of Base Camp from the top of Urraca Mesa View of Baldy from Tooth Ridge On the trail to Tooth Ridge Camp Tooth Ridge Trail Tooth Ridge Trail Tooth Ridge Trail Hiking in off the tooth On the tril between the tooth & Shaeffer's Peak A little foggy Tent city from the tooth Hiking in off the tooth Tent city from the tooth A view of the Grizzly Tooth from Tooth Ridge