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Rugged; Approximately 60 miles; Maps required: north; No KMZ data available

WOW! This itinerary has it all, from rock climbing to mining and western lore to shotgun shooting! Your Ranger will take you to the Chase Ranch main house for a quick tour, before heading to Hells Fire and Chase Canyon Camps. Enjoy the new Chase Cow Camp and their exciting rock climbing program before settling in at your trail camp. Next, journey up to the North Ponil watershed and soak in more history at Indian Writings. Continue up in time and elevation to Hart Peak and the old-west camp called Ponil. Keep a keen eye for outlaws and enjoy a refreshing root beer before heading to Dean Cutoff. Hit the hay and sleep well as the following day begins with an important conservation project before climbing in elevation to the mining camp of French Henry. On your way there, you may have time for a short break at Pueblano to work with the loggers of the Continental Tie & Lumber Co., but don’t linger too long, there is still more to your journey! Be some of the first crews to camp at French Henry, pan for gold and explore deep into the mountain and listen for the echoes of miners from long ago! Next, lighten the mood (and packs!) with a layover at Ute Meadows. Enjoy a lighter load as you day hike Philmont’s iconic Baldy Mountain and relax at Philmont’s population hub of the north, Baldy Town. Here you can pick up your food and enjoy the wonderful shower house! Next, the Head of Dean staff will ‘pump you up’ with a variety of group exercises, but don’t sweat, they are for team building, not muscle building! It’s all downhill (mostly) from here as you stop for some shotgun shooting and reloading at Santa Claus Camp. Trail Canyon camp is your last night to peer into and ponder upon the vast cosmic wilderness before picking up your bus at Nine Mile Trailhead and returning back to Base Camp.

Dry Camps: Mistletoe; Shaefers Pass; Unique Campsite: Dean Cutoff; Upper Dean Cow;

Day/PlanCampProgram FeaturesCampsite Features
1 CHQ Trailbound Opening Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
2 Dean Cutoff Western Lore / Branding @ PonilTrail Camp; (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Ponil)

Food Pickup @ CHQ TrailboundTrail Camp; (Commissary; Showers; Trading Post; at CHQ Trailbound)

Bus to Ponil TrailheadTrail Camp; 
3 Pueblano Ruins Tie making @ PueblanoTrail Camp; 

Campfire @ PueblanoTrail Camp; 
4 Baldy Town Assaying Commissary; Trading Post; Showers;  

Mining History Commissary; Trading Post; Showers;  

Gold Mining & Panning @ French HenryCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;  
5 Baldy Town Food Pickup Commissary; Trading Post; Showers;  

Climb Baldy Mountain Commissary; Trading Post; Showers;  
6 Mistletoe Challenge Events @ Head of DeanTrail Camp (Usually dry); 
7 Cimarroncita Hunter Education & Laser Range  

3D Archery  

Food Pickup  

Ute Park Pass Hike Prep  
8 AWhistle Punk Hike through 2018 Ute Park Fire Zone @ SawmillTrail Camp; (Showers (wood stoked); at Sawmill)

30-06 Shooting/Reloading @ SawmillTrail Camp; 

Food Pickup @ SawmillTrail Camp; 
9 ARed Hills Climb Mount Phillips Trail Camp; 

Climb Comanche Peak Trail Camp; 
10 ABlack Mountain Climb Big Red  


Muzzle Loading Rifles  

Post Civil War Settlers  
11 AShaefers Pass Hike via North Fork Urraca Trail Camp (Usually dry); 

Water @ North Fork UrracaTrail Camp (Usually dry); (Trail Camp; at North Fork Urraca)
12 CHQ Homebound Awards Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  

Hike in via Tooth Ridge Trail Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
Warning: Itinerary details provided by PhilSearch are for planning purposes only.  Only the current year's "Treks" book and the addendums to it, if any, should be used for final trek selection.
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DayCampPotential Additional Program FeaturesCampsite Features
2PonilCantinaCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;
Cantina Show
Climb Hart Peak
Cowboy Action Shooting
CHQ TrailboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
3PueblanoContinental Tie & Lumber
spar pole climbing
4French HenryBlacksmithing
Mine Tour
5Baldy TownTour Historic Baldy TownCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;
Mining History
6Head of Deanpickup crew based challenge events
7CimarroncitaHike through 2018 Ute Park Fire Zone
8SawmillUte Park Pass Hike PrepShowers (wood stoked);
10Black MountainHike via North Fork Urraca
11Shaefers PassClimb Tooth of TimeTrail Camp (Usually dry);
Climb Shaefer's Peak
North Fork UrracaHike via North Fork UrracaTrail Camp;
12CHQ HomeboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
This list is not complete and is dependent on the route you take each day.