Food Pickup

Food Pickups are a necessary part of all High Adventure Treks. Many back country commissaries are also trading posts.
Campsites offering this program: Baldy Town French Henry Ponil Cimarroncito Sawmill Apache Springs Fish Camp Miner's Park Phillips Junction Zastrow Rich Cabins Ring Place
Treks 2312131621222325282931323334703707 take this program at Baldy Town
Treks 35 take this program at French Henry
Treks 212132128701 take this program at Ponil
Treks 81420715 take this program at Cimarroncito
Treks 526 take this program at Sawmill
Treks 478171819202627 take this program at Apache Springs
Treks 712 take this program at Fish Camp
Treks 479152630702 take this program at Miner's Park
Treks 145691011141517192030708709713714 take this program at Phillips Junction
Treks 1 take this program at Zastrow
Treks 2124711 take this program at Rich Cabins
Treks 2223242528293132333435710 take this program at Ring Place
Photos at Baldy Town
The Commissary at Baldy Town Food pickup at Baldy Town
Photos at Ponil
Food pickup at Ponil Food pickup at Ponil
Photos at Camping Headquarters TB
Sorting food outside Camping Services
Photos at Ute Gulch Commissary
Ute Gulch Commissary Ute Gulch Commissary fresh fruit at utr gulch Food Pickup at Ute Gulch Commissary Ute Gulch Commissary Ute Gulch Trading Post Ute Gulch Commissary
Photos at Apache Springs
Apache Springs Commissary Apache Springs Commissary
Photos at Phillips Junction
The commissary at Phillips Junction The Phillips Junction Commissary / Trading Post The Food pickup at Phillips Junction The counter at Phillips Junction
Photos at Rich Cabins
The food sling at Rich Cabins. Staff slung the food bags to our crew from the window