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Challenging; Approximately 37 miles; Maps required: north; No KMZ data available

Trek History: New as 9-2 in 2020; 9-2 in 2021-22

Take a trip back in time with this itinerary that is chock full of unique programs and relics from the past! Start your journey through this timeline after getting off the bus at the Six-Mile Gate Trailhead for a visit to the first confirmed T-Rex track in the world. Look for other fossils and footprints as you head upstream to Indian Writings where you will tour the fascinating petroglyphs left by the Ancestral Puebloan people prior to 1300 CE and work on an archaeological dig to discover more clues of their activities on Philmont property. Head up the North Ponil Canyon after completing your conservation project to link up with the Cimarron & Northwestern Railroad at Metcalf Station. Work on the railroad, do some blacksmithing, then enjoy their nightly campfire program. Then, make your way down to Ponil where you will be taken back to the old west! Try your hand at branding and roping, then reward yourself with a cold root beer in the Cantina before heading to your trail camp nearby. The next step of your journey in time takes you to the early 1900s, where the loggers of the Continental Tie & Lumber Co. will teach you how to climb a spar pole and use a broad axe. End the day at their company meeting campfire and learn of the toils and struggles of the life of a logger. Your final destination is Miranda for a layover, where you will be transported to 1838 and the mountain man rendezvous. Shoot muzzle loading rifles, throw tomahawks and be regaled with the many tall tales the trappers will share with you. Spend one of your layover days to enjoy some time at Baldy Town before making the ultimate ascent to Philmont’s highest peak, Baldy Mountain! Your journey through time is almost over as you hike down to the Maxwell Trailhead on your final morning so you can meet your bus for your trip back to Base Camp.

Per the Guidebook to Itineraries: "Due to potential emergencies, such as catastrophic fires, Crews must not deviate from their assigned itinerary. Changes are only permitted for bona fide medical emergencies and must be approved in advance by the Logistics Department."

Dry Camps: Black Horse Mine; Unique Campsite: Indian Writings; Horse Canyon;

DayCampProgram FeaturesCampsite Features
1CHQ Trailbound Opening Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
2Anasazi Tyrannosaurus Rex Track Trail Camp; 

Ranger Training Trail Camp; 

Bus to Six Mile GateTrail Camp; 

Food Pickup @ CHQ TrailboundTrail Camp; (Commissary; Showers; Trading Post; at CHQ Trailbound)
3Indian Writings Archaeology Showers;  

Atl Atl Darts Showers;  

Petroglyphs Tour Showers;  
4Metcalf Station Campfire  


5Horse CanyonTrail Camp; 
6Flume Canyon Conservation Project Trail Camp; 

Western Lore / Branding @ PonilTrail Camp; (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Ponil)

Food Pickup @ PonilTrail Camp; 

Cantina @ PonilTrail Camp; 
7Black Horse Mine Mining History @ Baldy TownTrail Camp (Always dry); (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Baldy Town)

Food Pickup @ Baldy TownTrail Camp (Always dry); 

Water @ Baldy TownTrail Camp (Always dry); 

Crosscut Saws / Tie making @ PueblanoTrail Camp (Always dry); 
8Miranda Mountain Man Rendezvous  


Climb Baldy Mountain  
9CHQ Homebound Muzzle Loading Rifles @ MirandaCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;  

Awards Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  

Hike to Maxwell TrailheadCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
Warning: Itinerary details provided by PhilSearch are for planning purposes only.  Only the current year's "Treks" book and the addendums to it, if any, should be used for final trek selection.
- No photo available for this campsite or this program at this location. Click icon for specific needs.

Crews passing through staff camps are not scheduled for program. If time and space allow, some crews may be able to participate in some of the programs offered.

DayCampPotential Additional Program FeaturesCampsite Features
2Six Mile GateTyrannosaurus Rex Track
CHQ TrailboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
4Metcalf StationMorse Code
6PonilCantina ShowCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;
Climb Hart Peak
Cowboy Action Shooting
7Baldy TownClimb Baldy MountainCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;
Tour Historic Baldy Town
PueblanoContinental Tie & Lumber
spar pole climbing
9MirandaMountain Man Rendezvous
Climb Baldy Mountain
CHQ HomeboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
This list is not complete and is dependent on the route you take each day.