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Known Problems
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Site Stability[Problem is Resolved as of 12/28/2018] A set of issues at first thought to be entirely brower related have been resolved. The issue was a set of inconsistant linkages from the base page to an older base page. That said, FireFox draws the trek selection table as intended while Edge/IE no longer do. All are functional and stable, its purely an asthetic issue.
80020009 on Home Page[Problem is Corrected as of 12/1/2006] This nagging error shows up from time to time on the Home page - a refresh makes it go away.
8/21 Currently being researched
8/24 Fix attempted.
8/30 Another 'fix' attempted
9/5 And again…
11/25 Yet another attempt
11/27 I think I've got it - gaps in the photos table seem to be the culprit
12/1 Victory declared … the test case that caused the problem to appear once every 12 or so refreshes now fails to reproduce the problem … :-)
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