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    127 Locations: 36 Staffed Camps; 75 Trail Camps; 6 Other; 10 Trailheads.
    91 Programs and Activities.
    3 Trek themes: 50 Miler North 12-26 50 Miler South 12-11 Climbing Trek 12-3.
12 Gauge Shotgun shooting/reloading at Harlan


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Recent Changes
Change History
2020 updatesIn version 15.1 - 15.4 (10/7/2019); 2020 Prep; menu cleanup, CSS cleanup, legacy menu removal, program year repair, Generalized Variablel ength Trek Implementation ... prior to this release 7 day and 12 day were special cases ... 9 day treks forced the issue; Minor cleanup to 'corrupted' html text display in news and trek detail.
2018, 2019 updatesIn version 14.1 - 14.6 (12/1/2017); 2018, 19 Prep and load; New UI (CSS v1), Misc fixes; Deprecation of old UI; Minor enhancements to Camps, Activities; Photo Editor, Photo Query / Photographs table enhancements for Alia's.
2017 updatesIn version 13.1 (2/25/2017); 2018, 19 Prep and load; New UI (CSS v1), Misc fixes; Deprecation of old UI; Minor enhancements to Camps, Activities; Photo Editor, Photo Query / Photographs table enhancements for Alia's.
2016 updatesIn version L01 (3/18/2016); Updated for the 2016 season
2015 updatesIn version K01 (2/15/2015); Updated for the 2015 season
2014 updatesIn version J01 (3/17/2014); Updated for the 2014 season
2013 updatesIn version H01 (3/18/2013); Updated for the 2013 season
2012 updatesIn version G01 (3/11/2012); Updated for the 2012 season
2011 updatesIn version F01 (3/15/2011); Updated for the 2011 season
Registered Rendevous ImplementedIn version E01 (4/4/2010); Philsearch now has the ability to create a rendevous report. It depends on advisors registering their treks so they can be compared and is available on the tools and reports page
2009 Prep, Fixes, HitgraphIn version D01, D02, D03 (11/23/2009); Prep for 2009. Corrected problems in Campsites including inactive staff camps, added usage graph
2008 Treks SupportIn version C01 (2/7/2008); PhilSearch has been updated to support changeover from the 2007 dataset to the 2008 dataset. 2008 data has not yet been loaded or made available to Philsearch. These changes simply add the required data structures to support the anticipated changeover in mid-March.
Domain Name ChangeIn version B04 (8/11/2007); West Chester Troop 6's web site is no longer PhilSearch's home. Popularity breeds demand and it was simply time for PhilSearch to get real. So on August 12th the PhilSearch domain was created and the site's hosting service changed. The goal here is to provide reliable service through the use of a commercial hosting service.
Autumn Adventure SupportIn version B04 (8/11/2007); vB04 introduces a trek editor that allows you to create your own trek. While intended primarily for those planning Autumn Adventures, this capability will be expand to support short treks (end of season) and fantasy treks (if I were in charge, this is what trek 35 would be). You must register to use this capability. Registration allows you to store as many treks as you would like. In the near future a capability will be released that will allow you to share your treks either with a circle of your choosing, or the general public.
2007 Treks SupportIn version B01 (3/8/2007); PhilSearch has been updated to support changeover from one data set (2006) to another (2007) and provide features to help understand changes. These changes include:

An itinerary map report
Enhancements to the trek comparision tools
Creation of tools to replace reports no longer included in the Treks Book
Creation of an enhanced 'at a glance' report that provides change hints
numerous internal changes to deal with itinerary number changes
Routes EnhancementsIn version A24 (1/8/2007); Thanks to Allen Jones & Doug Latimer for the addition of more GPS based tracks in the Rotues section. Growth in this area over the last month has caused me to add a search feature at the top of this page to make finding routes easier. We still have many more to do, but I think its possible to get a high percentage of coverage for the 2007 season. Meantime I'm still working to integrate a more dynamic routes mechanism based on google maps or similar technology,
Trek Search EnhancementsIn version A24 (1/8/2007); Trek Search has been enhanced to allow trek selection to include items the crew does not want in addition to required and desired items. In addition several more composite features have been defined to deal with inconsistency in program naming, that is the same program named differently in the Treks book (i.e. Mexican Homestead = Tour Abreu Homestead)
Display infrastructure for program campsIn version A23 (12/12/2006); Facilities (Showers, Commissary, Trading Post …) are now also displayed for program camps as well as overnight camps.
Trek ComparisonsIn version A23 (12/12/2006); Current Year to Prior Year Trek Comparison is available.

This tool provides both a high level assessment as well as a detailed assessment.
The high level assessment indicates how different the same trek number is year over year and indicates the type of changes. The detailed assessment provides a day by day analysis that indicates changed camps and program features.
Virtual TourIn version A22 (11/27/2006); Virtual Tour: A trek can be previewed by viewing, in sequence, photos from base camp through ranger training through each camp and program feature.
Composite FeaturesIn version A21 (11/25/2006); Final implementation of composite features in Trek Search. Composites can be specified as both a desired or required feature.
Composite FeaturesIn version A20 (11/21/2006); Initial implementation of composite features in Trek Search. A composite feature operates as a group of similar program features any one of which satisfies the condition. For example the composite feature 'Named Peaks' includes the Tooth of Time; Phillips; Trail Peak; Baldy and Hart. Any trek that includes one or more of these program features will be selected if 'Named Peaks' is selected. Current implementation is limited to 'desired'.
Activities & CampsIn version A19 (11/16/2006); Minor enhancements to the Activities & Camps dialogs to make them consistent.
Previously Camps allowed multiple selections. In addition Camps was enhanced with the clear list feature (A17). Activities did not support multiple selection although the dialog allowed the input which would generate an error. Activities did not get the Clear List enhancement. Finally Camps support of multiple selection only afforded forward scrolling.
In A19 Camps and Activities both support multiple selection, both allow scrolling forward and back and both support Clear List.
Virtual TourIn version A18 (11/3/2006); Provides a way to view a series of photos in trek sequence, one for each campsite and activity in order of occurrence.
Clear Camp SelectionsIn version A17 (10/3/2006); Camps dialog now allows lists to be cleared
Trek SearchIn version A16 (9/3/2006); Basic Trek Search (desired only) replaced by Advanced Trek Search (desired & required) as the final known bug was corrected. Basic Trek Search functionality is retained in the new interface by simply not specifying any required campsites, programs or level of difficulty.
RoutesIn version A15 (8/31/2006); Initial release of the routes capability - Machinery to associate routes with treks and display route specifics. Initial data set includes 20+ routes (about 5% of the total required)
Upwards of 50 routes are in place, mostly in the south.
Work will continue down this track in support of '07 treks but it is likely that the lessons learned thus far will result in a re-design for '08
Required conditionsIn version A14 (8/22/2006); Provide a way to search for treks with some conditions being required and some being desired.
Database access changesIn version A13 (8/19/2006); Changes were made in the ASP code to allow support for multiple years. This change while intended from the start will facilitate two future enhancements: Year to Year trek comparisons and non-disruptive loading of current year data, a time consuming task that takes several days to complete..
Add Photo AlbumIn version A11 (8/8/2006); While photos were always intended to be integrated with the activity and camps pages, I never envisioned a photo album per se. I implemented it as a way to ensure that I'd added photos properly, but find it a nice feature. Feedback is welcome as to whether it should stay or go in the future.
Recent Changes

PhilSearch Version 19.1 - 10/30/2023 using 2024 data set.
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