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    137 Locations: 41 Staffed Camps; 77 Trail Camps; 0 Other; 11 Trailheads.
    94 Programs and Activities.
    3 Trek themes: ATV Trek 12-1 Climbing Trek 12-18 Ute Park Pass 12-17 12-30 9-12 9-13.
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Custom Treks vs Standard Treks

Significant changes are underway to make it possible to compare a imaginary or historical trek with standard treks. This capability allow you to enter the treks of your youth with their contemporary counterparts.

Step 1 is to use the trek editor to enter the trek of your choosing (complete)
Step 2 is to use the "Compare Custom to all Itineraries" choice on the Compare menu to score the treks (under construction)

watch this space

New Mexico Wildfire T-shirt Fundraiser

Head on over to New Mexico Wildfire T-Shirt Fundraiser and support Philmonts neighbors in what will be a long road back from New Mexico's Largest Wildfire.

Fire Modified Treks

Support for "fire modified" treks has been added.

Fire Modified treks are treks that have been modified since the Itinerary Guidebook was published due to either direct fire impacts or closure of public/private lands due to fire risk. The standard treks report shows the original camps and activities lined out and marked with a fire icon . Replacement camps and activities are displayed normally.

Due to current limitations activities may not be accurately reported on the day after a fire day, as always the trek itinerary supplied by the ranch is the "one truth".

Treks 12-21 12-24 12-27 and 12-28 have fire modifications loaded.

All I need now is more re-route data.

Rolling Rendezvous

One of the great experiences at the ranch is meeting people from other parts of the country and the world. Philmont provides the Rendezvous Locations table for each trek type using a common starting day for each. While this works well for council contingents it does not for units arriving on different days or taking different trek types (7, 9 or 12 day treks).

The Rolling Rendezvous feature allows you to construct a Rendevous grid based on specific treks and start dates, Register treks here and see the grid here. Is anybody not ready?!

Intinerary Search Update

The Itinerary Search UI has been updated with a better select control that takes less space and works with more browser types.

The most notable change is the elimination of the double click to move right behavior that's been part of the itinerary search from the beginning. Please report problems with the new UI, Ive deployed the new control pretty much everywhere there is a select control. For those that miss the old itnerary search its available as 'old itinerary search' on the drop down.

As always feedback is desired at eother Facebook or to support@philsearch.org

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