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Super Strenuous; Approximately 78 miles; Maps required: north; No KMZ data available

Trek History: New as 12-32 in 2020; 12-32 in 2021-22

Embarking on this journey will test your crew’s physical and teamwork strength! Your Ranger will first take you through the old west camp of Ponil to arrive at Sioux trail camp. Get up early to complete your Conservation project, then follow the Middle Ponil Creek upstream before a gradual assent to Dan Beard and the initial challenge events assessment. Lessons learned at Dan Beard will be crucial for navigating through the vast Valle Vidal. From Iris Park to Ring Place and Middle Ponil to Upper Greenwood, you will have opportunities to explore the vast beauty of the Valle Vidal and the vast cosmic terrain at Ring Place. Make your way through Windy Gap to your destination at Middle Ponil Low Impact Camp. Take a day to ascend the celestial plane of a nearby mountain! In June, explore the Shuree Cabin and Shuree Ponds sites. (Little Costilla is closed to the public for elk calving season in June.) The cabin is a historic recreation of a cabin that existed there in the early 1900s. LA Times newspaper baron Harry Chandler used to bring silent film stars of the era to this cabin, and Shuree Ponds is the site of the Penzoil Corporation's retreat facilities, prior to the land being donated to the Forest Service. In July and August, enjoy the challenge of climbing Little Costilla Peak! At the top, peer down and meditate upon the Earth below. Clarity of purpose will be needed as the path to French Henry is long and rugged but allows for the conquest of Philmont’s iconic Baldy Mountain. Then, like the miners of times long gone, you will feel the canyon closing in as you descend into French Henry and experience the exciting mining history firsthand. From this isolated location, take the short hike around Baldy’s eastern flank and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Philmont’s North Country population center, Baldy Town. You’ll want to linger and enjoy the amenities, but it will be important to move on to Head of Dean, and witness glorious vistas along the way. The staff there will then facilitate your ‘final exam’ of challenge events. Finally, make your way through Santa Claus to Mistletoe for one last night under the New Mexico sky. If your crew is highly motivated, as most are on their final morning, head down to the newly staffed camp at Cimarroncita to learn about Hunter Safety and try out the new laser shooting range before hiking to the Ute Park Trailhead to hop on the bus that delivers you safely back to Base Camp.

Per the Guidebook to Itineraries: "Due to potential emergencies, such as catastrophic fires, Crews must not deviate from their assigned itinerary. Changes are only permitted for bona fide medical emergencies and must be approved in advance by the Logistics Department."

Dry Camps: Mistletoe; Unique Campsite: French Henry;

DayCampProgram FeaturesCampsite Features
1CHQ Trailbound Opening Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
2Sioux Bus to PonilTrail Camp; (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Ponil)

Cantina @ PonilTrail Camp; 

Campfire @ PonilTrail Camp; 

Ranger Training Trail Camp; 

Food Pickup @ CHQ TrailboundTrail Camp; (Commissary; Showers; Trading Post; at CHQ Trailbound)
3Dan Beard Challenge Events Low Impact Camp;  

Conservation Project @ PonilLow Impact Camp;  (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Ponil)
4Iris Park Low Impact Camping Low Impact Camp; Trail Camp; 
5Ring Place Folk Weather Forecasting Commissary; Low Impact Camp;  

Astronomy Commissary; Low Impact Camp;  

Food Pickup Commissary; Low Impact Camp;  
6Little Costilla Low Impact Camping Low Impact Camp;  
7Middle Ponil Side Hike Little Costilla and/or Ash Mountain Low Impact Camp;  
8Upper Greenwood Low Impact Camping Low Impact Camp; Trail Camp; 
9French Henry Climb Baldy Mountain  

Gold Mining & Panning  

Mine Tour  

10Head of Dean Mining History @ Baldy Town (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Baldy Town)

Assaying @ Baldy Town 

Challenge Events  
11MistletoeTrail Camp (Usually dry); 
12CHQ Homebound Western Lore / Branding @ PonilCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;  (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Ponil)

Cantina @ PonilCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;  

Awards Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  

Hike to Ponil TrailheadCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
Warning: Itinerary details provided by PhilSearch are for planning purposes only.  Only the current year's "Treks" book and the addendums to it, if any, should be used for final trek selection.
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Crews passing through staff camps are not scheduled for program. If time and space allow, some crews may be able to participate in some of the programs offered.

DayCampPotential Additional Program FeaturesCampsite Features
2CHQ TrailboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
3Dan BeardLeave No Trace TrainingLow Impact Camp;
4Iris ParkHike via Iris Park & Beatty LakesLow Impact Camp; Trail Camp;
5Ring PlaceHistoric HomesteadCommissary; Low Impact Camp;
Side Hike to McCrystal Creek Ruins
6Little CostillaSide Hike Ash MountainLow Impact Camp;
Side Hike Little Costilla and/or Ash Mountain
7Middle PonilSide Hike Ash MountainLow Impact Camp;
10Baldy TownClimb Baldy MountainCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;
Tour Historic Baldy Town
Head of Deanpickup crew based challenge events
12PonilCantina ShowCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;
Climb Hart Peak
Cowboy Action Shooting
CHQ HomeboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
This list is not complete and is dependent on the route you take each day.