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Strenuous; Approximately 71 miles; Maps required: south; No KMZ data available

This action-packed itinerary will take you through some of the South Country’s most challenging terrain with great mountain top views along the way. Start out your trek at Lovers Leap Trailhead to begin your training at Herradura trail camp, then off to Urraca Mesa to work with the highly trained staff and their challenge course. Listen to ghost stories, music and more during their evening campfire. Stop for a visit with the Abreu family and see their homestead on the Rayado. Enjoy a nice cold root beer in the cantina, and a delicious Mexican dinner that evening. The following day takes you through Crater Lake to learn about the Continental Tie and Lumber Co., and then on to Miners Park for their adrenaline pumping rock climbing program. Enjoy a spectacular hike on the North Fork Urraca trail up to Black Mountain, shoot their .58-caliber muzzle loading rifles, and test your metal working skills in the forge. After spending a night at the scenic Bear Canyon trail camp, you will make a loop to Apache Springs to learn about the Jicarilla Apache, and then on to the homesteaders at Crooked Creek. Help them care for the animals, the garden, and tour their wonderful old cabin and see how the pioneers lived in the 1800’s. The next day takes you through Clear Creek for a quick visit to the Rocky Mountain Fur Co., then it is up and over the second highest peak at Philmont to Mt. Phillips camp. This happens to be the highest elevation camp at Philmont at over 11,700 ft. above sea level! After enjoying the sunset and night at Mt. Phillips you will hike to Cyphers Mine for a tour of the Contention Mine, pan for gold, and see the iconic campfire program: The Stomp. The next day you will hike down to Waite Phillips' Hunting Lodge for a quick tour before making your way to Clarks Fork. Enjoy the hospitality of the cowboys at Clarks Fork, and get in on an afternoon horse ride. That night you can fill up on the chuckwagon dinner and kick back to the setting sun and the tunes from their campfire program. Be sure to fill up your water before hitting the trail the next day! One final obstacle stands between you and Base Camp on your last day… the iconic Tooth of Time!

Dry Camps: Magpie; Mt Phillips;

DayCampProgram FeaturesCampsite Features
1CHQ Trailbound Opening Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
2Magpie Food Pickup @ CHQ TrailboundTrail Camp (Usually dry); (Commissary; Showers; Trading Post; at CHQ Trailbound)

Hike out from CHQ Trail Camp (Usually dry); 

Ranger Training Trail Camp (Usually dry); 
3Urraca Challenge Events  

4Abreu Mexican Dinner Showers;  

New Mexican Homestead Showers;  

Cantina Showers;  
5Miner's Park Tie making @ Crater LakeShowers;  (Showers; at Crater Lake)

Food Pickup Showers;  

Traverse Wall Showers;  
6Black Mountain Post Civil War Settlers  


Muzzle Loading Rifles  

Rock Climbing & Rappelling @ Miner's Park (Showers; at Miner's Park)
7Bear Canyon Western Lore / Branding @ BeaubienTrail Camp; (Showers (wood stoked); at Beaubien)
8Crooked Creek Food Pickup @ Apache Springs (Commissary; at Apache Springs)

Jicarilla Apache Life @ Apache Springs 

Conservation Project @ Apache Springs 

9Mt Phillips Rocky Mountain Fur Company @ Clear CreekTrail Camp (Usually dry); 

Tomahawks @ Clear CreekTrail Camp (Usually dry); 

Water @ Clear CreekTrail Camp (Usually dry); 
10Cyphers Mine Campfire Showers (wood stoked);  

Climb Mount Phillips Showers (wood stoked);  

Gold Mining & Panning Showers (wood stoked);  

Mine Tour Showers (wood stoked);  

Blacksmithing Showers (wood stoked);  
11Clarks Fork Campfire Showers;  

Chuck Wagon Dinner Showers;  

Western Lore / Branding Showers;  

Horse Rides Showers;  

Hunting Lodge Tour @ Hunting LodgeShowers;  

Demonstration Forest @ Demonstration ForestShowers;  
12CHQ Homebound Awards Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  

Climb Shaefer's Peak Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  

Climb Tooth of Time Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  

Hike in via Tooth Ridge Trail Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
Warning: Itinerary details provided by PhilSearch are for planning purposes only.  Only the current year's "Treks" book and the addendums to it, if any, should be used for final trek selection.
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DayCampPotential Additional Program FeaturesCampsite Features
2CHQ TrailboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
3UrracaHigh Ropes Instruction & Advanced Challenge Scenarios
Sunrise at Inspiration Point
5Crater LakeContinental Tie & LumberShowers;
Hike over Fowler Mesa
spar pole climbing
6Black MountainHike via North Fork Urraca
Miner's ParkTraverse WallShowers;
7BeaubienClimb Trail PeakShowers (wood stoked);
Hike over Lookout Peak
Cowboy Campfire
8Apache Springs3D ArcheryCommissary;
Sweat Lodge
Corn Grinding
Sporting Arrows
Crooked CreekCabin Tour
Animal Care
9Clear CreekMuzzle Loading Rifles
Climb Mount Phillips
10Cyphers MineStompShowers (wood stoked);
11Clarks ForkCowboy CampfireShowers;
Hunting LodgeFishing Opportunities
Hike via Hidden Valley / Window Rock
Cabin Tour
12CHQ HomeboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
This list is not complete and is dependent on the route you take each day.