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Ute Park Pass

Plan A Only Plans A-D

Super Strenuous; Approximately 80 miles; Maps required: north, south; No KMZ data available

Trek History: New as 12-30 in 2021; 12-30 in 2022

This itinerary has a good mix of mileage and program, as well as the opportunity to hike through the area burned during the 2018 Ute Park fire and summit both the Tooth of Time and Baldy Mountain! Start your trek by hiking out of Base Camp to the new Heck Meadow trail camp where your Ranger will provide training on all things Philmont. Head over to Clarks Fork to enjoy the scenery from the back of a horse, enjoy their Chuckwagon Dinner and campfire program to end the day. Be sure to get an early start the next day to side Shaefers Peak and the iconic Tooth of Time. Hike into the central country to stay at Lamberts Mine and take in The Stomp music show at Cyphers Mine. Sawmill is your next stop where you’ll reload and shoot 30.06 rounds. Get up early the next day to make your way across the Ute Park fire burn scar to Cimarroncita for hunter safety, 3-D archery, and the new laser shooting range. Your next stop is Santa Claus for shotgun reloading and shooting. The next day is long and uphill but stages you perfectly at Ewells Park for an early morning ascent of Philmont’s pinnacle peak, Baldy Mountain! After spending a little time pondering the world below and relishing on your accomplishment, dig down deep into the valley to reach French Henry mining and gold panning camp. Spend your last night on the trail at Elkhorn, enjoying the views while reflecting on your crew’s accomplishments before heading to Ponil for a quick celebratory sarsaparilla at the cantina before meeting your bus at the nearby trailhead and rolling home to Base Camp!

Per the Guidebook to Itineraries: "Due to potential emergencies, such as catastrophic fires, Crews must not deviate from their assigned itinerary. Changes are only permitted for bona fide medical emergencies and must be approved in advance by the Logistics Department."

Dry Camps: Heck Meadow; Mt Phillips; Rimrock Park; Unique Campsite: Rimrock Park;
- No photo available for this campsite or this program at this location. Click icon for specific needs.

Day/PlanCampProgram FeaturesCampsite Features
1 CHQ Trailbound Opening Campfire Commissary; Showers; Trading Post;  
2 Heck Meadow Food Pickup @ CHQ TrailboundTrail Camp (Usually dry); (Commissary; Showers; Trading Post; at CHQ Trailbound)

Water @ CHQ Trailbound 

Hike Out from CHQ  

Ranger Training  
3 Clarks Fork Western Lore / Branding Showers;  


Horse Rides  
4 Clarks Fork Climb Tooth of Time Showers;  

Climb Shaefer's Peak  

Chuck Wagon Dinner  
5 Lamberts Mine Food Pickup @ CimarroncitoTrail Camp; (Showers; at Cimarroncito)

Campfire @ Cyphers MineShowers (wood stoked);

Gold Mining & Panning @ Cyphers Mine 

Hunting Lodge Tour @ Hunting Lodge
6 Sawmill Ute Park Pass Hike Prep Showers (wood stoked);  

30-06 Shooting/Reloading  
7 ACimarroncita Hunter Education & Laser Range  

Hike through 2018 Ute Park Fire Zone  

3D Archery  

Food Pickup  
8 ASanta Claus 12 Gauge Shotgun shooting/reloading  
9 AEwells Park Challenge Events @ Head of DeanTrail Camp; 
10 AEwells Park Food Pickup @ Baldy TownTrail Camp; (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Baldy Town)

Climb Baldy Mountain  

Gold Mining & Panning @ French Henry
11 AElkhorn Conservation Project @ Baldy SkylineTrail Camp; (Trail Camp; at Baldy Skyline)
12 CHQ Homebound Western Lore / Branding @ PonilCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;  (Commissary; Trading Post; Showers; at Ponil)

Awards Campfire  

Hike to Ponil Trailhead
Warning: Itinerary details provided by PhilSearch are for planning purposes only.  Only the current year's "Treks" book and the addendums to it, if any, should be used for final trek selection.

Crews passing through staff camps are not scheduled for program. If time and space allow, some crews may be able to participate in some of the programs offered.

DayCampPotential Additional Program FeaturesCampsite Features
2CHQ TrailboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
4Clarks ForkWestern Lore / BrandingShowers;
Cowboy Campfire
5CimarroncitoRock Climbing & RappellingShowers;
Hike via Hidden Valley / Window Rock
Climbing Gym
Traverse Wall
Cyphers MineBlacksmithingShowers (wood stoked);
Mine Tour
Hunting LodgeFishing Opportunities
Hike via Hidden Valley / Window Rock
Cabin Tour
6SawmillHike through 2018 Ute Park Fire ZoneShowers (wood stoked);
7CimarroncitaUte Park Pass Hike Prep
9Head of Deanpickup crew based challenge events
10Baldy TownClimb Baldy MountainCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;
Tour Historic Baldy Town
Mining History
French HenryBlacksmithing
Mine Tour
12PonilCantinaCommissary; Trading Post; Showers;
Cantina Show
Climb Hart Peak
Cowboy Action Shooting
CHQ HomeboundVisit the Villa PhilmonteCommissary; Showers; Trading Post;
National Scouting Museum
This list is not complete and is dependent on the route you take each day.