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Turnarounds are the drop-off and pick-up points for various treks. All treks are dropped off in the back country at one of these turnarounds, treks that do not hike in via the Tooth of Time hike to a turnaround.
Campsites offering this program: Six Mile Gate CHQ Homebound Zastrow Trailhead Lovers Leap Trailhead Ponil Trailhead Maxwell Trailhead Chase Trailhead Ute Park Trailhead Webster Trailhead Tolby Trailhead
Treks 12-24 take this program at Six Mile Gate
Treks 9-3 9-11 take this program at CHQ Homebound
Treks 7-2 9-10 take this program at Zastrow Trailhead
Treks 12-7 12-12 7-3 7-5 take this program at Lovers Leap Trailhead
Treks 12-2 12-6 12-23 12-24 12-30 12-32 12-33 12-34 7-16 9-4 take this program at Ponil Trailhead
Treks 12-3 12-21 12-27 12-29 7-1 7-6 7-7 7-9 7-17 9-2 9-6 9-12 9-13 take this program at Maxwell Trailhead
Treks 12-15 12-22 12-35 7-15 take this program at Chase Trailhead
Treks 12-14 9-8 take this program at Ute Park Trailhead
Treks 12-1 7-4 7-14 9-13 take this program at Webster Trailhead
Treks 12-11 12-18 12-20 7-10 7-11 9-1 9-5 9-7 take this program at Tolby Trailhead
Photos at Anasazi
On the peak overlooking Anasazi On the peak overlooking Anasazi
Photos at Cottonwood
On the trail to Cottonwood Natural Art
Photos at Miranda
Sign on the Staff Cabin at Miranda Approaching Miranda
Photos at Old Camp
on the trail/road running down Metcalf Canyon (heading towards Old Camp) on the trail/road running down Metcalf Canyon (heading towards Old Camp)
Photos at Pueblano Ruins
On the trail to Pueblano Ruins
Photos at Six Mile Gate
Crossing the fence at Six Mile Gate
Photos at Turkey Creek
On the ridgeline trail (on the ridge between Dean Canyon and Turkey Creek Canyon), looking towards the Tooth and Tooth Ridge On the trail from Dean Cow towards Turkey Creek Canyon
Photos at Upper Dean Cow
On the Trail in Turkey Creek Canyon Trail going to Upper Dean On the Trail in Turkey Creek Canyon Trail going to Upper Dean
Photos at Cyphers Mine
Arriving Cyphers Mine
Photos at CHQ Homebound
Crew shot at the 'You All Made It' archway Hiking off tooth ridge and into base camp
Photos at Ponderosa Park
On the trail to Ponderosa Park
Photos at Sawmill
On the trail between Thunder Ridge & Sawmill
Photos at Shaefers Pass
The trail to Shaeffers Peack from Shaeffers Pass Camp
Photos at Ute Gulch Commissary
Footbridge log at Aspen Springs/Grouse Canyon trail intersect
Photos at Rayado River
Crossing the Rayado near Rayado River Camp
Photos at Rich Cabins
Rich Cabins from a bushwhacking trail, following the national forest property line from Dan Beard
Photos at Zastrow Trailhead
Hiking from Zastrow Turnaround to Zastrow
Photos at On the trail
Climbing Urraca Mesa above Toothache Springs
Photos at Ponil Trailhead
Waiting at the Turnaround
Photos at Highway 64 Footbridge
Rt 64 and Cimarron River Crossing at the bottom of Turkey Creek Canyon
Photos at Horse Canyon
Arriving Horse Canyon