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Campsites offering this program: Ponil Six Mile Gate CHQ Homebound Zastrow Trailhead Lovers Leap Trailhead Ponil Trailhead Rayado Trailhead Chase Trailhead Nine Mile Gate Trailhead Ute Park Trailhead Webster Trailhead
Treks 12-32 7-6 take this program at Ponil
Treks 12-2 12-6 12-14 12-27 7-1 7-7 9-2 9-4 9-6 take this program at Six Mile Gate
Treks 12-17 take this program at CHQ Homebound
Treks 12-7 12-20 7-3 7-5 7-8 7-14 9-1 9-7 take this program at Zastrow Trailhead
Treks 12-1 12-5 12-8 7-12 take this program at Lovers Leap Trailhead
Treks 12-15 12-17 12-21 12-22 12-35 7-9 7-16 9-13 take this program at Ponil Trailhead
Treks 12-11 12-12 12-16 12-19 7-4 7-10 9-9 9-10 take this program at Rayado Trailhead
Treks 12-24 12-33 12-34 take this program at Chase Trailhead
Treks 7-15 take this program at Nine Mile Gate Trailhead
Treks 12-3 12-23 7-17 take this program at Ute Park Trailhead
Treks 12-26 7-11 7-13 9-5 9-12 take this program at Webster Trailhead

Photos at Six Mile Gate

Six Mile Gate … Six Mile Gate

Photos at CHQ Homebound

Waiting for the bus to base camp

Photos at CHQ Trailbound

Loading up at Base Camp

Photos at Rayado

Crew 630-G1, Troop 858, St Peters, MO 2017

Photos at Zastrow

Zastrow Turnaround

Photos at Zastrow Trailhead

Setting out from the Zastrow Turnaround On the bus to Zastrow Turnaround

Photos at Turkey Creek Trailhead

Packline at the turnaround

Photos at Lovers Leap Trailhead

Finally - On the Bus A committed Advisor at Lover's Leap Turnaround

Photos at Ponil Trailhead

Ponil Turnaround The bus arriving at Ponil Turnaround Unloading at the Ponil Turnaround Ponil Turnaround Ponil Turnaround

Photos at Cito Trailhead

Cito Turnaround Cito Turnaround

Photos at Maxwell Trailhead

The Turnaround Like anybody could do 15mph here

Photos at Chase Trailhead

Chase Ranch Pack Line