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708-U20241/23/2024 3:47:00 PMProgram: Blacksmithing, Climb Tooth of Time, Mine SAA5PJOR-NM4V-NT2H-8IR9-VXTJUGFIYHH4
708-U20241/23/2024 3:45:00 PMProgram: Blacksmithing, Climb Tooth of Time, Mine 18HN2VFA-WJAD-WQ9Z-HGYR-4VZ17R61XNEW
Sample20234/3/2023 3:50:00 PMCamps: Tooth Ridge; Program: Climb Tooth of Time, AQ3GN7B1-51X6-68VS-RYKK-ECMUR32RHTLI

Composite Definitions

Composites are treated as OR conditions within the columns above, i.e. Animals is TRUE if the itinerary includes Horse Rides OR Burro Packing OR Burro Racing

10000' + PeaksTrail Peak, Baldy, Black, Big Red,Phillips,Costilla and/or Ash
Abreu HomesteadTour Abreu Homestead, Mexican Homestead - The same thing
AnimalsHorses or Burros (Racing or Packing)
Black PowderBlack Powder Rifle became Muzzle Loading Rifle in 2016
BurrosBurros in any flavor, packing or racing.
CantinaCantina or Cantina Show
Evening ProgramCantina Show,Evening Campfire(s); Stomp; Dutch Oven Dessert,Scout Rededication Ceremony or Evening Music
Historic HomesteadsKit Carson, Historic Homestead, Tour Abreu Homestead, Mexican Homestead, Chase Ranch
Lodge TourHunting Lodge or Fishing Lodge Tour
Named PeaksTrail Peak, Baldy, Tooth of Time, Hart, Black, Big Red or Phillips
RocksRock Climbing, Bouldering, traverse walls, indoors & out
Shooting SportsBlack Powder, Shotgun ,30.06 or Cowboy Action Shooting
Theme MealChuckwagon Breakfast, Dinner or Mexican Dinner