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Climbing Wall at Miner's park
Photo Credit Russ Wetzel 2009; Troop 350 Madison, AL; Expedition 615-B2; Trek 29
12 Day Tek Data Verified12 Day Trek Data is available and verified comments / updates / questions to Jim@PhilSearch.org 7 data data will be added as soon as it is available, sometimein the next few days.
What a harrowing 24 hoursWell, long story short, with in minutes of completing the data load for 2015 on Sunday the 8th the whole site came tumbling down. There were a couple of issues, most resolved, involving the hosting service, but I came very close to "losing the recipe" for PhilSearch. Its mostly all back today, and I'd love feedback on the 2015 data quality to Jim@PhilSearch.org
Preliminary 2015 12 day trek data available12 Day Trek Data is available comments / updates / questions to Jim@PhilSearch.org
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