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7 Day
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    129 Locations: 41 Staffed Camps; 77 Trail Camps; 11 Trailheads.
    94 Programs and Activities.
FAQDid you know you can select any itinerariy from 2006 onwards by choosing a treks book to work with? Just click on the year in the menubar


Beta Intinerary SearchOK, I admit it, I've wanted to find a simpler,cleaner interface for the Intinerary Search for about a decade now. It's cluttred and Data heavy and over the years various attempts have gone no-where. Well I think I have a pretty decent alternative. I've made it available as a menu choice, but it is unproven. There are still some format issues to resolve but I believe it is functional. Feedback always welcome at
Ute Park Pass Alternate PlansIn 2021 Philmont introduced the concept of alternate plans for the 4 Treks (9-12,9-13,12-17 and 12-30) traversing the area affected by the 2018 Ute Park Fire. The Ute Park Pass route may or may not be open to hiking when your crew arrives at the northern or southern terminus. As a result several alternate plans were developed (Plans B,C and D ..see the Treks book for details). PhilSearch displays 'Plan A' by default and all trek searches and reports assume Plan A. The Trek Detail report can be generated either with just plan A or with Plans A-D at your option. When Plans A-D is selected a table is included with possible program options for each of the alternate plans.
Data ConsistencyThe annual Treks Book load is a manual process that takes several hours to complete depending on the degree of change in a given year. Once loaded PhilSearch reports and tools are used to verify against the Treks book. This is followed by a more comprehensive review to ensure correctness consistancy and address any anomilies. For 2021 this last step wasn't completed until earlier this month. There are always inconsistancies in the Treks book, usually appearing as the same program with multiple names, or programs being omitted at a location where a Trek is either camping or taking program, while some of these are intentional often they are simply errors. All of this has to be normalized into the database model that is PhilSearch. As always I rely on the helpof friends in identifying anomolies and errors. Thanks for your patience.
Program GridThe program grid report has been re-introduced with links to program descriptions and location details.
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