Compare 2021 Trek 911 to 2020 Trek 911

2021 description: 'This vista-rich itinerary has a great elevation profile with a supportive buildup, pinnacle ‘mountain-top’ experience, and a reflective to relaxing end. While the Baldy Mountain area will bring you to new heights on day’s 5-6; it’s flanked by design to make your trek successful and memorable. The first couple days will include initial skills taught by your Ranger while building excitement with fantastic views of Baldy Mountain. Then, on days 3-4, your crew will participate in an activity that brings many guests outside of their comfort zone – shotgun reloading and shooting. Let the booming sounds wake you up and open your eyes to the incredible space that you get to be a part of – Philmont Scout Ranch! After truly immersing yourself over the first 3 days at Philmont, now is the perfect time to begin turning individuals into teammates at Head of Dean. Approach this camp with the willingness to break down barriers, the humility to accept imperfection, and the courage to help others. Communication is key. The pinnacle of your experience will likely be Baldy Mountain and your days at Copper Park. As you explore this area, you can see, feel, and imagine the history here. Its impact is pervasive, and you’ll feel enchanted here. Absorb the mining history and allow yourself to be transported back in time – it’s not hard to do! While there’s still vast quantities of gold in Baldy Mountain’s interior, it’s unlikely you’ll find more than a flake or two. However, the real gold is the memories you take home – a treasure that grows bigger and bigger through the rest of your life. As you hike down from the clouds, Rich Cabins and Ponil on days 7-8 are perfect camps for reflecting on your experience as well as the experiences of historic peoples at Philmont Scout Ranch. At Rich Cabins, you’ll be able to compare your outdoor recreation pursuits to the homesteading endeavors of the Rich Family. Further down at Ponil, you’ll understand the ranching efforts of cowboys in the West, and do some horseback riding of your own. And finally, as your bus returns to the ‘real world’, your memories will be filled with an incredible outdoor experience and your mind will be filled with a broadened perspective into historical counterparts and their many uses of this land.'

Day2021 Trek 911 Campsite2020 Trek 911 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Dean Skyline  
3Santa Claus  
4Baldy Skyline  
5Copper Park  
6Copper Park  
7Rich Cabins