Compare 2021 Trek 906 to 2020 Trek 906

2021 description: 'This program packed itinerary loops through the Philmont North Country and combines high peaks and beautiful vistas with Southwest history. The adventure begins with a bus from Base Camp to the Six-Mile Gate Trailhead and a short hike to the first confirmed T-Rex footprint in the world. You’ll make your way to Anasazi trail camp where your Ranger will pass on important skills. Head up the North Ponil Canyon through Indian Writings where you will see Ancestral Puebloan petroglyphs then listen for the echo of the mauls striking spikes as you make your way to Metcalf Station to learn what life was like on the railroad. You’ll help rebuild the old rail line and enjoy great music and stories at the evening campfire program. The next day you will be rewarded with a chance to do some horseback riding, roping, and branding at Ponil. Enjoy a cold and refreshing root beer at the cantina, chow down on a delicious chuckwagon meal and prepare to be entertained at the evening Cantina Show! Head up the North Ponil River to the Continental Tie and Lumber Co. at Pueblano where your crew can climb spar poles and make rail ties before enjoying yet another amazing campfire performance. Move on up to Ute Meadows for a layover and prepare yourself with rest and reflection before your ascent of Philmont's highest peak. Climbing to the top of the 12,441 ft. Baldy Mountain is sure to be the highlight of your Philmont adventure! You’ll have the option to enjoy the loop around through Copper Park and on to the Aztec Mine at French Henry, eventually ending up back at the old mining town at Baldy Town. Your next day is just a short hike to Miranda where you will have plenty of time for muzzle loading rifles, tomahawks and the mountain man rendezvous. Your final hike brings you to the Maxwell Trailhead for your trip back to Base Camp. What a trek!'

Day2021 Trek 906 Campsite2020 Trek 906 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
3Metcalf Station  
7Ute Meadows