Compare 2021 Trek 905 to 2020 Trek 905

2021 description: 'Sweep across Philmont’s mountainous south country in this adventure-filled trek! Start your trek by hiking through Clarks Fork on your way over Shaefers Pass, where you can side hike the 9.350 ft. Shaefers Peak before making it to Miners Park for some rock climbing and rappelling excitement! From there, hike up the beautiful North Fork Urraca Creek to Black Mountain camp and learn blacksmithing and marksmanship skills from the soldiers at this post Civil War encampment. Then, it's off to Beaubien for branding, roping, and horseback rides. The hearty chuckwagon dinner, a cowboy campfire, and views of one of the most beautiful meadows at Philmont are all sure to please! After your layover, your journey will bring you through Phillips Junction for a resupply of sustenance, then onward to the homesteading family living at Crooked Creek. Help them tend to their animals and enjoy their rustic home before making it to Comanche Creek to rest for the night, as you will need your energy to conquer Mount Phillips the next day! Once on top of Mount Phillips, views of the Moreno Valley, Wheeler Peak, and Baldy Mountain will leave lasting memories for your crew! Camp at Clear Creek with the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. for some muzzle loading rifles and tomahawks before hiking down through the scenic Tolby Meadows and down to the Tolby Trailhead, enjoying tremendous views the entire way. Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2021 Trek 905 Campsite2020 Trek 905 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Upper Clarks Fork  
3Miner's Park  
4Black Mountain  
7Comanche Creek