Compare 2021 Trek 903 to 2020 Trek 903

2021 description: 'This itinerary provides a tour of the beauty and splendor of Philmont’s South country, as well as some exciting programs. Start at one of Philmont’s newest trail camps, aptly named “Arrowhead”. Make the short journey to Clarks Fork where you will have the day to enjoy the full complement of programs they have to offer. Ride Horses, try your hand at roping and branding, enjoy a hearty chuckwagon dinner and top the day off with an exciting campfire program. Make your way to Cimarroncito, where you will have a hands-on rock climbing experience. Be sure to stop and tour Hunting Lodge at some point before heading to the headwaters of Cimarroncito Creek and Cyphers Mine. This golden opportunity allows you to try your hand at panning for gold and learning the life of a miner. Enjoy the cool night at Thunder Ridge and rest up for the conservation project you will complete on the way to Sawmill. After helping blaze a piece of the new trail to the top of Cito Peak, be sure to enjoy the .30-06 rifle shooting and reloading programs at Sawmill. Wake up early and ascend the first of your back to back peaks, Comanche Peak. You will be camping at Mt. Phillips camp, not to far from the summit of Philmont’s second highest peak. These views will provide an unparalleled reward as you descend to the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. at Clear Creek the next morning. Here you will learn the life of the fur trapper working for the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. and shoot muzzle loading rifles, throw tomahawks, and check out the Trapper Cabin. Your last hike is long but rewarding as you make your way down to the Tolby Trailhead. The views along this route are breathtaking and will make for a memorable experience as you reflect back on your trek, catch your bus, and make it back to Base Camp!'

Day2021 Trek 903 Campsite2020 Trek 903 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Heck MeadowArrowheadHike out from CHQ included in 2021 trek 903
3Clarks Fork  
5Thunder Ridge  
7Mt Phillips Climb Mount Phillips included in 2021 trek 903