Compare 2008 Trek 9 to 2007 Trek 9

2008 description: 'This challenging 55 mile trek combines great North Country programs and spectacular hikes. You'll summit Baldy at 12,441 feet, enjoy Archeology, see the worlds ony T-Rex footprint, leanr "Leave No Trace" camping skills, blacksmithing and gold panning, and that’s only the beginning. Your crew will then (after a hot shower at Baldy and a visit to the trading post) pick up trusty burros and be off to Peublano's Continental Tie & Luber Company for spar pole climbing and the outrageuous company campfire! Finally at historic Ponil Camp take a horse ride, visit the cantina for a root beer and brand your boots. Your last two hot meals are a mouth watering chcuk wagon dinner and a flap jack breakfast.'

2007 description: 'This exciting 63 mile itinerary begins with archaeology at Indian Writings. Be sure to look for the world's only Tyrannosaurus Rex track as you hike along the North Ponil trail. Learn "Leave No Trace" camping techniques at Dan Beard and do the homesteading program at Rich Cabins, before the awesome hike up the beautiful Greenwood Canyon into Copper Park. From your Base Camp at Copper Park, you can side hike Baldy Mountain and visit French Henry Camp for gold panning and blacksmithing. Burro packing, logging skills, the Philmont Story Campfire and western lore, including boot branding, complete this excellent trek'

Day2008 Trek 9 Campsite2007 Trek 9 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Anasazi Camp  
3Old Camp  
4Dan Beard Camp  
5Rich Cabins  
6Pueblano Ruins CampGreenwood Canyon 
7Ewells Park CampCopper Park 
8Ewells Park CampCopper Park 
9Baldy Skyline  
10Pueblano Camp  
11Ponil Camp  
12Homebound Tent City