Compare 2012 Trek 9 to 2011 Trek 2

2012 description: 'Beautiful peaks, luscious valleys, and exciting program fill this Central and South Country trek. At Harlan, your crew will learn how to reload shotgun shells before practicing their marksmanship at our scenic shooting range. Breathtaking views of Black Mountain and Cimarroncito Peak await you at Deer Lake Camp. From there, the cool hike up Grouse and Sawmill Canyons will let you focus on the wildflowers and aspens instead of the heat! At Sawmill, our world class .30-06 reloading room and shooting range is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trek. At Comanche Peak Camp, an unparalleled sunrise from anywhere on the ranch awaits you bright and early before tackling Mount Phillips. From Phillips, views of the Moreno Valley, Wheeler Peak, and Baldy Mountain will make you forget all of your worries. Next, you’ll shoot black powder rifles and follow Rayado Creek all the way to Phillips Junction. Horse rides, a chuck wagon dinner, and cowboy campfire await you at Beaubien. Hike Trail Peak, then head for Carson Meadows where you will assist our highly trained staff with a search and rescue mission. Cap off your trek with geocaching, a Dutch oven dessert, and the “Rededication to Scouting” ceremony at Zastrow.'

2011 description: 'The views are incredible from the two 10,000 ft. peaks that you cross on this exciting itinerary. It also offers lots of "never to be forgotten" programs early in the itinerary such as 12-gauge shotgun shooting and reloading, rock climbing at Cimarroncito, and .30-06 rifle shooting and reloading at Sawmill. Visit the Rocky Mountain Fur Company outpost at Clear Creek and an 1860's homestead at Crooked Creek on your way to Philmont's great western lore camp at Beaubien. Search and rescue skills are taught at Carson Meadows before your crew spends their last night at Zastrow where you will participate in a very moving "Rededication to the Values of Scouting" ceremony.'

Day2012 Trek 9 Campsite2011 Trek 2 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
3Deer Lake Water included in 2012 trek 9
4Webster Parks Water included in 2012 trek 9
Food Pickup not included in 2012 trek 9
6Comanche Peak Water included in 2012 trek 9
Water included in 2012 trek 9
7Comanche Creek Climb Mount Phillips included in 2012 trek 9
Water not included in 2012 trek 9
8Beaubien Food Pickup not included in 2012 trek 9
Conservation Project not included in 2012 trek 9
9Beaubien Conservation Project included in 2012 trek 9
10Carson Meadows Wilderness Medicine included in 2012 trek 9
11Zastrow Geocaching included in 2012 trek 9
12Homebound Tent City Kit Carson Museum included in 2012 trek 9