Compare 2021 Trek 716 to 2020 Trek 716

2021 description: 'This Valle Vidal itinerary will enable your crew to see an incredible assortment of wildlife, enormous grass filled vegas, gorgeous ponderosa pine stands, and rugged mountains to the north of Philmont. Start your trek by hiking through Ponil, the original base camp and headquarters for Philmont. You will be camping at Flume Canyon for the night, but maybe you can brand your boots or grab a root beer before you head up the South Ponil Canyon and continue your training with your Ranger! Your next day will be a special treat, as you will get to hike up and over Wilson Mesa on your way to Rich Cabins. Feel free to divert through Pueblano and learn how to use broad axes and crosscut saws, but be ready for a beautiful hike with views of Baldy Mountain and Little Costilla as you traverse across this beautiful mesa! Your destination for the day is the historic homestead of the Rich family, aptly named Rich Cabins. Help the family tend to their gardens, slop the pigs and milk the cow while you are at it! Their family gathering at the end of the day is not to be missed. Sing songs, hear the bear story, play the piano, and learn the family history on their screened in porch. Wake up early and beat the heat as you venture into the Valle Vidal. On your way to historic Ring Place, feel free to stop by Seally Canyon to learn about Search and Rescue techniques and wilderness medicine. After your SAR is complete, bushwhack through the ponderosa pines and enormous meadows to scenic Ring Place. Learn about folk weather forecasting and look through their telescopes at night at the wide-open skies. The dark skies of the Valle Vidal make for amazing star gazing opportunities. Next up is a short hike to Whiteman Vega for your early morning conservation project. Once your project is complete, get in on a mountain bike ride before you head to Iris Park for the night. Enjoy this hike as well, the views of Little Costilla and Baldy Mountain are amazing! Next, head to Dan Beard, where you will take part in thought provoking initiative games and challenge course events that will encourage your crew to work together. Your final morning will take you through Horse Canyon as you make your way back to Ponil and the trailhead for your bus pickup. Grab a root beer and Toblerone to celebrate your accomplishments over the past 7 days! Next stop... Base Camp!'

Day2021 Trek 716 Campsite2020 Trek 716 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Flume Canyon  
3Rich Cabins Food Pickup included in 2021 trek 716
4Iris ParkRing PlaceHomesteading included in 2021 trek 716
Astronomy not included in 2021 trek 716
Folk Weather Forecasting not included in 2021 trek 716
Search & Rescue / Wilderness Medicine not included in 2021 trek 716
Food Pickup not included in 2021 trek 716
5Ring PlaceIris ParkAstronomy included in 2021 trek 716
Folk Weather Forecasting included in 2021 trek 716
Mountain Biking not included in 2021 trek 716
6Dan Beard Search & Rescue / Wilderness Medicine included in 2021 trek 716
7CHQ Homebound Cantina not included in 2021 trek 716