Compare 2021 Trek 715 to 2020 Trek 715

2021 description: 'This exciting itinerary will provide your crew with a program intensive trek, a chance for scenic views, forests, unique geology and more! Starting from the Nine Mile Trailhead, you will make your way to one of Philmont’s newest trail camps, Dean Skyline. The views to the North and South will take your breath away! Make your way down to Ponil for an action-packed day at the original base camp of Philmont! Brand your boots, do some roping, ride a horse, and enjoy a chuckwagon dinner before heading to the Cantina for a root beer and some wild west entertainment during their Cantina Show! Your next stop will be at Rich Cabins for a visit to the family homestead and to pick up more trail meals. Be ready for more great views as you hike through the Barker Wildlife Area; have your camera ready to capture them! Your journey will take you to the historic Rich family homestead at Rich Cabins. Tour their historic home and grab your next batch of trail meals so you can make your way to Dan Beard to test your teamwork skills on their challenge course elements. Your next day will take you to the Cimarron & Northwestern Ry. at Metcalf Station. They will be looking for your help in laying rail in the North Ponil Canyon for their new road. This important historical stop on your trek will allow you to learn about railroading and blacksmithing and enjoy another fantastic campfire program under the stars. This itinerary just keeps getting better as you will then head over to Chase Canyon and the Chase Cow Camp where you will be one of the first crews ever to rock climb at this spectacular new site. Reflect upon your amazing adventure as you head down for a tour of the Chase Main House for a tour, and to catch the bus back to Base Camp.'

Day2021 Trek 715 Campsite2020 Trek 715 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Dean Skyline  
4Dan Beard  
5Metcalf Station  
6Chase Cow  
7CHQ Homebound