Compare 2021 Trek 714 to 2020 Trek 714

2021 description: 'This exciting itinerary will enable your crew to explore Philmont’s South and Central Country. Begin your trek by hiking and camping alongside the Rayado River at Old Abreu Camp and learn about the history of the Abreu family. During your next day, plan on taking a break at the entrance into Rayado Canyon, otherwise known as ‘The Notch’ before making your way through Rayado Canyon and getting wonderful views of Rayado, Crater, and Lookout Peak while hiking to Fish Camp to tour Waite Phillips’ Rayado Lodge. Learn to tie flies and fish the same waters that our great benefactor loved so much. Proceed on alongside the Rayado Creek north to Comanche Creek Camp, and perhaps take a pit stop and visit the homesteading family at Crooked Creek Camp. The next day, climb Mt. Phillips and Comanche Peak on your way to Whistle Punk Camp. ‘Pay it forward’ as you spend a few hours contributing to a service project near Cimarroncito Peak that will be helping to blaze a trail to the summit. Enjoy the hike through Cyphers Mine as you meander downhill alongside babbling creeks. Enjoy learning about Waite Phillips’ other favorite retreat at Hunting Lodge and spend some time exploring the Demonstration Forest and Cimarroncito Reservoir. Hurry to Clarks Fork on your last morning to enjoy some western lore activities and join in on a trail ride. Have fun, but don’t miss your afternoon bus at Webster Trailhead!'

Day2021 Trek 714 Campsite2020 Trek 714 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Line CampOld AbreuLand Navigation / GPS Technology included in 2021 trek 714
Rayado Lodge Tour included in 2021 trek 714
Geocaching included in 2021 trek 714
New Mexican Homestead not included in 2021 trek 714
3Fish Camp Search & Rescue / Wilderness Medicine included in 2021 trek 714
Tour Abreu Homestead not included in 2021 trek 714
4Red Hills  
5Whistle Punk  
6Hunting Lodge  
7CHQ Homebound