Compare 2017 Trek 714 to 2016 Trek 714

2017 description: 'If your crew is interested in a mountaintop experience, this trek will enable you to climb 11,230 ft. Ash Mountain South or 12,584 ft. Little Costilla Peak in the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest. They are two of New Mexico's finest peaks. Start your trek at the Ponil Turnaround and hike to Dean Cutoff for the night. From there, take the new trail from Flume Canyon over Wilson Mesa on your way to Rich Cabins, where you will learn to homestead and be entertained by the musically talented Rich family. You will then have an opportunity to work with Philmont's Conservation Department on a road restoration and erosion control project near Rich Cabins. Hike north to the Middle Ponil Leave No Trace Camping Area where you will prepare for the biggest challenge of the trek. In June, climb Ash Mountain South, as Little Costilla is closed to the public for elk calving season. In July and August, climb Little Costilla or Ash Mountain… or both! Continue your trek to Iris Park and review your mountain ascent from Beatty Lakes. Test your crew skills on the challenge course at Dan Beard and reflect on your trek before calling it a night. Enjoy the last hike to Ponil and reward yourself for all of the hard work with a nice cold root beer. Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2017 Trek 714 Campsite2016 Trek 714 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Sioux Western Lore / Branding included in 2017 trek 714
3Rich Cabins Conservation Project included in 2017 trek 714
4Middle Ponil Low Impact Camping included in 2017 trek 714
Conservation Project not included in 2017 trek 714
5Middle Ponil  
6Dan Beard Hike via Iris Park & Beatty Lakes not included in 2017 trek 714
7Homebound Tent City Hike in via Tooth Ridge Trail included in 2017 trek 714
Western Lore / Branding not included in 2017 trek 714
Hike to not included in 2017 trek 714