Compare 2018 Trek 713 to 2017 Trek 713

2018 description: 'This exciting itinerary will enable your crew to explore most of Philmont's Central and South Country. Begin your trek by camping at Vaca Camp and shooting 12 gauge shotguns at Harlan. Work on a new trail construction project with the Conservation Department on your way to Ute Springs. Enjoy the view from Window Rock and visit Mr. Phillips' Hunting Lodge before hiking up the beautiful North Fork Cimarroncito Creek to Cyphers Mine. Charlie and his miners will show you a good time. Explore the mine, learn to blacksmith, and be entertained by mining stories at The Stomp. Climb Comanche Pass and Black Mountain on your way to Black Mountain Camp. Enjoy the black powder rifles and forge, but save some energy for the long trek to Tooth Ridge Camp on the following day. After a beautiful sunrise, follow the Tooth Ridge trail into Base Camp.'

2017 description: 'This exciting itinerary will provide your crew with great program opportunities, gorgeous meadows, and scenic views at every stop! Start your trek at the Zastrow Turnaround and camp at Old Abreu on your first night. From there, enjoy the beautiful (challenging) hike up Bonito Canyon to Lookout Meadow where views of Trail Peak, Black Mountain, and the surrounding peaks will be an early treat. If your crew is fairly quiet, there is a good chance that you might see a small herd of elk that frequent the area. Be sure to wake up in time to watch the sunrise over the Tooth of Time from the top of the meadow before hiking over rugged Lookout Peak. Visit Waite Phillips fishing lodge at Fish Camp before hiking up the Agua Fria to Apache Springs. Test your archery skills and learn the ways of the Jicarilla Apache and cap off the afternoon in the sweat lodge. The following day, you will have the great opportunity to work with Philmont's Conservation Department on a new trail construction project on the way to Clear Creek. Once you have reached Clear Creek, the men of the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. will let you take target practice with their .50 caliber black powder rifles and tomahawks. Hike over Mt. Phillips and enjoy views of the Moreno Valley, Wheeler Peak, and Baldy Mountain. Continue over Comanche Peak to Comanche Pass and decide whether you want to try to tackle Black Mountain! Enjoy the hike from either location as it will be mostly downhill to the Hunting Lodge. Enjoy your last night on the trail and check out the Demonstration Forest before hiking to the Cito Turnaround. Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2018 Trek 713 Campsite2017 Trek 713 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
3Ute Springs  
4Cyphers Mine  
5Black Mountain Blacksmithing included in 2018 trek 713
Post Civil War Settlers not included in 2018 trek 713
6Tooth Ridge  
7Homebound Tent City