Compare 2021 Trek 712 to 2020 Trek 712

This program intensive trek follows mountain streams, discovers mountain meadows, and traverses peaks and mesas across Philmont's South Country. Begin your trek and work through some COPE elements at the course located at Rocky Mountain Scout Camp. Continue on by hiking over Lovers Leap formation before settling into a campsite for continued Ranger training. Your next day will have you visiting the Continental Tie & Lumber Co. at Crater Lake. While there, your crew will have the opportunity to help the Philmont Conservation Department with a trail construction project before continuing over Fowler Mesa to Lookout Meadow. Keep your voices low as you hike into Lookout Meadow and you might see the small elk herd that frequents the area. Wake up early to watch the sunrise from the top of the meadow and see why it is called Lookout! From there, scale rugged Lookout Peak and view the twists and turns of Rayado Canyon below. Your next destination is where the canyon divides at Fish Camp. Tour Waite Phillips’ Rayado lodge enroute to Beaubien where you will rope, brand, eat a Chuckwagon dinner, and be entertained at a cowboy campfire. The next morning, you'll have the opportunity to shoot muzzle loading rifles at Black Mountain on your way down the North Fork Urraca Creek. Do some rockclimbing and rappelling at Miners Park, then rest well and be sure to fill all of your water bottles because the final challenge awaits...The Tooth of Time! Climb Shaefers Peak and the Tooth of Time, all the while reflecting on this amazing journey as you make your way back to Base Camp by traversing Tooth Ridge.

Day2021 Trek 712 Campsite2020 Trek 712 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Lover's Leap Ranger Training not included in 2021 trek 712
3Crater Lake Ranger Training included in 2021 trek 712
4Lookout Meadow  
6Miner's Park  
7CHQ Homebound