Compare 2015 Trek 712 to 2014 Trek 710

2015 description: 'This great trek will provide your crew with the opportunity to climb Baldy Mountain without a layover! Begin your trek at the Ponil Turnaround and camp at Bent on your first night. From there, hike alongside the Middle Ponil Creek or hike up and down Wilson Mesa to enjoy the view of the mountains to the north. At Rich Cabins, your crew will learn how homesteaders lived off the land and be treated to an evening of music and entertainment. You will also be able to work with Philmont's Conservation Department on a road restoration project. Keep hiking northwest and turn into Greenwood Canyon to begin your assault on Baldy Mountain. Camp at Upper Greenwood and wake up early to hike to the Baldy ridgeline above Copper Park. Hang your smellables and take enough supplies for a side hike along the ridgeline to the top of Baldy. Views of Little Costilla, Big Costilla, and the Culebra Range in southern Colorado will be a pleasant reward! Hike back to your gear and continue on to Copper Park for the night. Enjoy the beautiful meadow, cool temperatures, and review your Baldy ascent. Hike to French Henry on the following morning to tour Lucien Maxwell's gold producing Aztec Mine and learn to blacksmith. Continue to Pueblano where you will climb spar poles with the loggers of the Continental Tie & Lumber Company before camping at Flume Canyon for the night. Reflect on your journey as you return to Ponil. Next stop… Base Camp!'

2014 description: 'This great trek will enable your crew to enjoy great program experiences, hike through gorgeous canyons, and climb the rugged Baldy Mountain! Begin your trek on Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch and spend the night where few crews have the opportunity to camp at Campos Heck Camp. You will then be able to rock climb and rappel at Dean Cow before hiking to New Dean for the night. Continue up Dean Canyon to Head of Dean where your crew will have to work together to make it through the challenge course. From there, your crew will have the opportunity to work with Philmont's Conservation Department on a new trail construction project near Baldy Skyline. If you are lucky, the far east campsite at the bottom of Ewells Park will be available so you can preview your Baldy Mountain ascent and watch the sunset while eating dinner. Side hike Baldy Mountain and visit historic Baldy Town before returning to beautiful Ewells. From there, it will be all downhill, unless you decide to take the challenge and hike over Wilson Mesa to Ponil. Once at Ponil, test your roping skills, learn to brand, cook a chuckwagon dinner, and enjoy the cantina show before turning in for the night. Eat a cowboy breakfast before hiking to the Ponil Turnaround. Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2015 Trek 712 Campsite2014 Trek 710 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Campos Heck Low Impact Camping not included in 2015 trek 712
3New Dean  
4Ewells Park Conservation Project not included in 2015 trek 712
5Ewells Park  
6Ponil Conservation Project included in 2015 trek 712
7Homebound Tent City Horse Rides included in 2015 trek 712
Cowboy Breakfast not included in 2015 trek 712